The development of football-based slot machines

football-based slot machines

Football is a very popular theme for slot games at online casinos. From the very earliest days of online casinos, software providers have launched football-based slot games. As the technology has improved and with increased competition in football-based slots, it has all become more exciting and innovative. This article looks at the changes that have taken place in football based slot games over the years.

Football Rules from Playtech and Free Kickfrom Cryptologic was among the very first football-based online slots. They are also very similar in content. They use symbols on the wheels that reflect different aspects of football. These include spectators, trophies, stadiums, goalkeepers, footballs, referees, kits, footy players, whistles, football dusters as well as red and yellow cards. Free Kick takes place in the background of a stadium, and Football Rules in the background of a pitch. Football Rules has some animations that almost bring the game to life. The goalkeeper dives to get hold of the ball, and the referee pulls out the red card. Both football-based games have bonus games, which simulate penalty kicks. The player chooses a point in the goal, and the ball is kicked there. If the goalkeeper cannot stop the ball, it is a goal and the player gets the advantages. In Football Rules, the player is rewarded with free spins that are multiplied. In Free Kick, the player receives bonus credits.

When Playtech launched its Top Trumps series, there was a marked change in football-based online slots. The exact likenesses of the football stars appeared in the form of symbols on the reels. In Top Trump’s Football Legends you will find yesterday’s superstars. Pele is the wild symbol. Other legends include Charlton, Platini and Beckenbauer. Top Trump’s World Football Stars will feature the relevant stars at the time of launch. But a feature has been added that makes the slot game more interesting. Players can choose between two competing teams. Three players from each team appear as symbols on the reels. The players on one team play left to right, and those from the other team play from right to left. Even a mixed combination of players from the same team can result in payouts.

Team selection has been followed in many later football-based online slot games. One of these games is Football Fans from Playtech. The high value card symbols are painted in the form of colors from the country’s flag. There are two new football-based features in Football Fans. In free spins, after each spin penalty spat randomly turns the three symbols on the reels into wilds. The grab-a-beer feature has become popular, as it is of the interactive kind. Players can place a gold circle on any of the 15 areas of the wheel. If after a spin it ends up with the beer symbol under the circle, the player gets three times the total bet again.

Cryptologic Football Frenzy also allows players to select a team. The flag of the selected team is displayed on the reels, and the background with many symbols also displays the flag. In free spins, the flag of an opposing team also appears. Every time the selected flag appears on the reels, it is a goal for the home team. Every time the second flag appears on the reels, the other team scores a goal. If the home team has the highest score, the player is paid double the triggering bet, in addition to the winnings from free spins. If the opposing team wins, the player is paid the triggering bet.

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