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If you are new to online casinos and have never played before it is good to understand the differences between the two versions of software available online. Both download and no download version of instant play flash online casinos offer exciting casino entertainment, but each has its own set of characteristics that make it unique each attractive and unsightly in its own ways. Below we have outlined some basic information about each of the two.

Some would say that downloading casino software online is higher than the downloaded version. This is actually true that the downloadable version offers richer graphics, more convincing sounds and more reliable gaming experience as a whole. The reason for this is largely due to where we are with regard to technology, including software tools and products such as the power of the piece, Internet bandwidth such and such other factors. There are many facilities and advantages to software download online casino, and therefore it is generally why operators will push more players to download and play Instant Play no download version. Below we describe some of the main advantages and disadvantages of download versions of online casinos.


  • Rich graphics and sound with full-fledged client software with many options.
  • Smooth animations especially in cash games spin the reels.
  • More reliable system leading to a more reliable gaming experience.
  • Download casinos usually have a more intuitive user interface.
  • You don’t have to wait as long as you do with no download casinos to start a casino game.


  • Takes a bit longer to come up and then play no download version.
  • Complete online casino software can vary from 100 to 250 MB of free space on your disk each.
  • You can not just connect to your gaming account from any computer and play as you can without downloading casinos.

There is no download version of online casinos are generally powered by Flash technology, and are played in your browser (eg Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), which means you will need to have the Flash plug-in installed on your computer to load the casino and play games. More and then download casinos, where no download versions generally you can get up and play faster then download versions as both the lobby and games are lighter in file size. No versions of Flash download online casinos do not usually offer the exact same sequence of games as the download versions and if they do there may be times when the game was downgraded to always work in Flash casino. Selected below you will find some advantages and disadvantages to the list no download casinos.

  • You can play from any computer in the world without having to re-download the software.
  • No download online casinos that you can play easily from within the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Come said and play is generally faster while no download casinos.


  • On slow Internet connections because the games are loaded from the Internet every time you play it may take a while to get a game loaded. This is not something that happens often, unless you are still using an external connection.
  • The graphics and sound can be boring and boarding.
  • Usually the gaming experience is not as reliable as the software is web-based and cannot take advantage of the functions of the operating system itself for recovery, and persistent attempts, in some cases (for example with the downloadable version, if there is an error in the casino will do the best is to restore so as not to disrupt the gaming experience while of course ensuring that everything is done correctly).

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