Why use Bitcoin at your online casino?

If you are a regular player in online casinos, we are sure that you have heard of cryptocurrencies, an excellent payment method that is gaining more popularity among Mexican bettors every day.

Although Bitcoin is the most widely known and widespread virtual currency to date, there is also a wide variety of options such as Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum. For bettors, the use of cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional methods of payment and withdrawal of funds such as credit card or electronic wallet, can be very advantageous.

So that you know some of these benefits, we have written some of the main reasons why to use cryptocurrencies to participate in your favorite online casino games.


One of the biggest advantages of using this currency is the anonymity it offers to the user. In fact, for those players who want to keep their bank details totally private, this system fits perfectly.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use private keys within a blockchain, so the player will never have to show their identity or share private information to pay or receive payments, just as they would with other traditional methods.

While the cryptocurrency’s wallet address appears on the blockchain, linking them to real-world identities, while not impossible, is certainly complicated and convoluted.

In most regulated nations, as in the case of Mexico, complete anonymity is not allowed, but online casinos try to preserve the identity of their players as much as possible. With the use of cryptocurrency it is facilitated that this is so, preventing the personal and bank details of the bettors from being hacked .


All operations carried out with cryptocurrencies are executed directly, without third parties or banks involved, which means that these movements can be effective in minutes and even seconds, depending on the speed of the blockchain in question.

You no longer have to wait for bank transfers or card payments to be executed, something that can be inconvenient if you need to have your money available as soon as possible. Payments made by online casinos with Bitcoin, for example, are executed quickly and easily.


Cryptocurrencies, unlike credit or debit cards, cannot be counterfeited, offering players of online casino pages additional security. In fact, cryptocurrency wallets are very secure, as they have a tremendously complex identification process.

Even if an online casino is hacked, there is no chance that hackers could steal your funds or traffic your personal information, as long as you are using a wallet for which only you have the private keys .

Furthermore, since cryptocurrencies are not classified as fiat currency, they are largely immune to government control, so they cannot be frozen or held for any reason.

To conclude, it should also be remembered that the blockchain contains a record of all transactions made, in the event that any type of problem or disagreement occurs, which offers users the option of consulting this public book to resolve disputes.

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