How to register at an online casino

Before enjoying an endless world of online gambling offered by online casinos, a player must complete a small but important formality called registration. When registering for the first time, you must provide your personal information. Afterward, whenever you want to play at the online casino for real money, all you have to do is enter your username and password.

Main requirements for registration

The age of a player is the first and most important limitation. Online casinos do not provide their services to users under the age of 18. To prove your age at the casino, you must provide a copy of your identification document as part of the registration process. The identification document includes a passport or a driver’s license.

At the same time, an online casino verifies that a new customer is a real person. Based on their identifying information, a casino checks to see if a new player is blacklisted. However, remember that you can hide your passport / driver’s license number and other information.

When completing a registration form, you must enter your country of residence. This requirement is of crucial importance, because players from certain countries are not welcome in some online casinos. Or a casino may not have a license to provide services to residents of certain countries. We would like to warn you not to enter false or erroneous data, since it can block your account.

Also, an online casino may ask you to confirm your residence address. Most users usually provide an electric bill, with the player’s middle name and address. A copy of a contract with your service provider will also. However, such requirements are quite rare.

Some online casinos request that a photo of your payment card be provided with your full name. However, you do not need to show the back of your card. This requirement is valid for those players who have chosen the payment card as a means of making deposits to their account. If an online casino accepts multiple currencies, a new user must select the currency.

As you can see, online casinos require extensive information from their new customers. But in reality, many online casinos are not overly enthusiastic, and the list of required information is much shorter.

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