Online roulette: it’s that simple

Playing roulette online , one of the most prominent internet casino games , is certainly an easy activity if we know the basics of the game.

For them, we are going to show you below a small guide that will give you the necessary guidelines so that you can bet on the roulette game of your favorite online casino.


The wheel that forms the online roulette consists of divisions that are numbered from 1 to 36 in an apparently random pattern and with the colors red and black located alternately.

Also, there is a single green division numbered 0 (when playing American Roulette a second green division is added and numbered 00)

Therefore, the first rule you should know to play roulette is to always do it in the European version , since your chances of winning are slightly higher.


Before the ball begins to spin, players must place bets on the number in which they believe the ball will land.

They place the chips on the virtual mat in a certain way, since the precise location of the chips indicates that the bet was made.

This virtual mat is designed offering a number of opportunities for the player to bet, considering two general groups of bets: internal and external . We show you the available bets below:

  • Red / Black (color)
  • Odd Couple
  • Low / High (1-18 / 19-36)
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • 6 numbers (6 lines)
  • 5 numbers (top line)
  • 4 numbers (box)
  • 3 numbers (cross)
  • 2 numbers (horse)
  • 1 Number (full)

Once you have carefully placed your chips in the chosen option and click on spin or spin , the wheel will begin to spin and the virtual ball will enter the wheel. Remember that it is possible to bet while the roulette is in motion, since once the ball is thrown, the software does not allow adding more bets.

Now you just have to wait and see if you have managed to make a winning bet.

In this sense, whether we like it or not, the casino will always have a 2.7% advantage in the online roulette game.

This is because the house pays less than the true value of the odds.

However, with the casino, the payout on a single bet is 35/1 plus your initial return bet. It is important for you to understand this as it could influence your decision on single betting.


We do not recommend making simple bets, as there is no strategy to predict which numbers will appear next. Online roulette is completely random and no advice can really determine what number will appear next.

Now, once we’ve understood the basics, we’re looking for the best possible strategy for you to win the reads rather than blindly betting throughout the game.

What you have to understand is that the combination is key as we go into the details. By looking at the three numeric columns on the virtual online roulette betting mat, you will notice that in the middle column there are 8 black numbers and in the top or right column (depending on the way you are looking at it) there are 8 red numbers .

The column odds are set to 2/1 , so select any of these columns to bet. Then combine your bet in the same way in the red or black options.

The reason is that if the selected column is paid you can enjoy some winnings, however if you don’t pay you still have a 47.37% chance to match with your red or black bet.

Finally, an element of insurance needs to be added to your bet, which over time will ensure that your bankroll has a long run and gives you the best mathematical opportunity to win, rather than just blindly relying on luck.

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