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Some people think that you must be a poker expert to play video poker. But that couldn’t be longer than the truth. In fact, video poker is a very good option for people who like common video slot games. The flow of the game is very similar, and video poker is a game that you can quickly love to play. The poker element of video poker is extremely easy to understand, so you don’t need to be a poker expert. Even if you never played poker in your life, you can still enjoy video poker and even win great prizes.

Playing Video Poker games online

Video poker is based on a very simple concept to understand. In fact, it is almost as simple to understand and play as regular online slot games. You get five cards, just like in a regular poker game, and the object of the game is to get the best possible hand. A “good hand” is also not very difficult to understand, because this has to do directly with the standard rules of poker. In poker, some hands are better than others. And if you have a better hand than your opponent, in poker you win. In video poker, you don’t play against other players; only against the computer. But you don’t play “against” the computer either, so your goal is to get good poker hands. The better the hands, the more money you will win!

Make money playing video poker for real money!

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you have a pair of kings in your hand, well, that made you earn money. The exact amount you win depends on the amount of money you bet in the round and the particular game you are playing. A pair of kings typically gives you EUR 1. In case you have two pairs, this sum doubles. Three of a kind gives you 3 euros, and so on. The best hand you can have in video poker is Royal Flush, and traditionally it pays 250! So, you can see that there is a lot to gain. But wait, because there is more. There is an easy way to double, triple, quadruple or quintuple that victory. And the “secret” is to play with more than one coin. Let’s explain

Video Poker Coins and Bets

You have some options in video poker betting here at Online Casino. First of all, you must choose how many lines you want to play. This means how many games do you want to play. You can choose to play only one line, five, ten, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred. In each of the lines, you play in a given game, you need to bet at least one coin. But you can also choose to bet more than one coin, more specifically up to five. The more coins you bet on a line, the higher your profit will be.

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