15 Best Cracked Apk Sites or Cracked Apps Sites

Cracked Apk Sites

Most Android and iOS apps can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store and App Store. However, some premium services need a paid subscription, while others charge different amounts for various features or components. Downloading cracked apps is the most effective technique to get rid of them and use the services without paying. So, in this article, we’ve covered 15 Best Cracked Apk Sites or Cracked Apps Sites which you can use.

1.         Blackmart Alpha

One of the most well-known websites that offer free cracked software is Blackmart Alpha. Like the Black Market, you may get any premium Android software for free. It’s also one of the most excellent substitutes for the Google Play Store. The main distinction is that Blackmart never has any restrictions. Any app can be downloaded instantly for free, and you’ll never see a message saying, “Your device doesn’t support this app.”

2.         iHackedit

Another one of those apk mod websites that allows you to get games and applications that have been cracked for free is iHackedit. The top games and apps on this website’s homepage are also those that the editor has chosen. Pick any of those apps or games if you don’t have anything else on your mind at that time.

3.         AC Market

You can obtain all the customized Android apps for nothing from yet another app among the greatest app shops apk. The app’s design is also the cleanest and most appealing on any platform for cracked programs. Additionally, AC Market offers comprehensive details on the upgraded app’s premium features that you can access.

4.         RevDL

One of the nicest app stores for Android, RevDL can undoubtedly take the place of the Google Play Store for Android app downloads. You may get about every android app there is through the RevDL website. It also offers apps that are and aren’t on the Play Store for free, in addition to modified apps. You can now download any app you want, whether legal or not.

5.         APK Pure

APK Pure is a well-known website that offers an extensive selection of cracked programs. Numerous premium games, streaming, video editing, and photo editing apps are also accessible here for download. Any version of a specific app is available for download at your discretion. Many people have been drawn to this no-registration bonus since it makes the entire operation hassle-free.

6.         Apk4Free

Your one-stop shop for all the altered apps and games is Apk4Free. This website is for you if you enjoy playing many games on your phone. It features a section dedicated to each game category where you may download modified versions of any game. This implies that you are no longer required to pay for games’ features. At Apk4Free, everything is free. Thanks to its functional interface, you can easily download or play any program.

7.         HappyMod

You may get the finest-modified applications for free from HappyMod, one of the top app stores and apk downloaders. You can start downloading free mods as soon as you download the HappyMod software for free from the official website. Our all-in-one app can find all the cracked apps in one location. You no longer need to search the entire internet.

8.         APKmb

The finest site right now for downloading cracked applications is APKmb. Its elaborate design makes it ideal for sharing games and applications. APKmb has a delighted user base that would choose it over any other website that offers cracked applications. The website provides programs such as Nine Email, Nova Launcher, Poweramp, etc.

9.         Apptoide App Store

The Apptoide App Store is superior to the competition. They have a beautifully designed website, and simply by looking at it, one can tell that a lot of work went into creating it. You may choose from a vast selection of games and apps, and you will undoubtedly find it quite convenient to have highly regarded premium software in front of you for no cost. The most recent versions of all of your favorite apps are available here.

10. AndroPalace

AndroPalace is a highly reputable cracked Apk website that provides access to many expensive programs and games. Thanks to AndroPalace, you may use your favorite programs for no cost. After installing your preferred apps from AndroPalace, you can use all the premium features of programs like Adobe Lightroom, VLLO, Simple Gallery, etc., for nothing.

11. APKWhale

The website searches the entire internet for cracked Android apps and Android apks and offers them for free. It provides the best Android apps and games with the most up-to-date mods available for download.

12. RexDL

This one is very comparable to RevDL, which we previously covered. Even though the names speak for themselves, RevDL is the better option. RexDL may have some shortcomings that RevDL doesn’t, and vice versa. You can easily find the program or game you’re looking for because of the user-friendly layout and broad menu categorization.

13. ApkMirror

The best website on the market is ApkMirror if you want clean, original, and secure apk files of any app or game. You may name the apk file you require, and they will have it. New versions of all the apps on this website are added daily. Therefore, with the most recent version, you can get any program or game from this cracked site for Android.

14. APKBuilds

APKBuilds is the following site in our list of the top apk mod websites. The website is now making every effort to give you the greatest modded apks. The site offers various games and apps, although a few modified apps exist. Fortunately, you may download a few well-liked mods from this website, like Spotify, InShot, and others.

15. Apk4Fun

You may get free Android apps from Apk4Fun.com. You may quickly download any Android app or game from our website. Your homepage will display more sections in addition to the best free games. This website makes it very simple to get apks. It offers direct download links from various websites, including Google Play, Turbobit, Apk4Fun, and more. You can also download the app’s very first iteration.


This article comprises all the sites and apps through which you can easily download any Android app or game. Now you don’t have to depend on Google Play Store for apps, and you’ll never be restricted to downloading any app. We do not promote any illegal activities and are strictly concerned about them. And as we mentioned earlier, remember to use a VPN.

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