What is Hacking and Its Types


What is a Hack?

A hack is one of the technical acts performed by hackers to compromise an organization’s security by having access to different data, networks, systems, and applications. Misusing devices and methods creates great devastation in business regarding the business’s reputation and finances.

A hacks system originated from a method used by a highly skilled hacker in coding and using advanced computer software and hardware.

In this modern time of hacks, hackers started to use most of the stealthy methods designed to get skips from the eye of the IT and cybersecurity teams to attack with their hacking tricks. They hacked users when they unknowingly visited malicious links, which would indirectly lead to giving access to personally sensitive information.

There are various examples of hacks like deploying viruses & malicious code, phishing, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks, DDoS, DoS, etc.

Types of Hacks

There are various types of hacks which are given below:

Phishing: Phishing, one of the popular types of hack, is an attempt taken by cybercriminals that steals the identity and personal information related to a user. They also deduct money through email. Hackers steal personal information like bank credentials, passwords, card details, etc.

Mainly, attackers send a tricky email with malicious links embedded into it. Their message appears to act like they are like an interviewer, service associate, bank manager, etc.

1. DoS and DDoS

A Denial of Service(DoS) attack mainly focuses on a network or machine to shut it down, which would be inaccessible to the end-users.

Hackers interrupt the overall functionality of the network with the vast traffic that all cannot access.

Moreover, DoS is of two types:

·  Buffer Overflow attacks-

In this attack, a direct target is made with CPU time; the memory that consumes the system crashes, which damages the server’s behavior.

·  Flood attacks-

This attack targets the servers with a vast amount of data packets. Here, the hackers oversaturate the capacity of the server, which results in DoS. The attackers usually make their bandwidth more than the targeted machine to make a successful attack on DoS.

2. Bait and Switch

This hacking technique involves stealing users’ data and login credentials through various ads and avenues. They apply a trick with the users where they visit the malicious sites and would unknowingly reveal all their details.

In this hacking method, attackers first purchase the advertising template space sold by the websites. After that, replace all the space with the malicious link, locking the browser.

3.Cookie Theft

Cookie theft is one of the hijacking tactics through which the attackers get access to all the user’s details. Hacks with users mainly happen when the user gets into the links of the trusted websites through wifi or an unprotected network.

4. Virus, Malware, Trojan

A virus is a computer program that inherits unwanted damage to different systems. Moreover, the attackers usually insert a code in the program and wait until it gets into the user’s system to hack it and secretly capture all the personal details.

A trojan mainly involves executing a program that makes it valuable and harmless. Rather than downloading a safe software system, Trojan targets installing the malware software on your system, which fools the users.

5.ClickJacking Attacks

ClickJacking is one of the known UI redress attacks which usually targets the users with the help of multiple transparent layers to have a better trap over them with their tricks.

For example, when you visit the website, start scrolling to check the page. Meanwhile, multiple ads appear, one over the other, which let you to the different sites by clicking over them unknowingly. Thus, you would be directed to the wrong page, thus posed to a maximum risk of losing personal information. Therefore, this is all about how ClickJacking attackers work.

6.Fake WAP

Wireless Access Point(WAP) is one technique used to connect many users at a time with the help of public channels. Fake Wap involves performing the same thing with the help of various faking techniques.

In this technique, a hacker usually selects a public location with free wifi in shopping centers, airports, etc.


Keylogger, also known as keyboard capture or keystroke logger, is one of the attacking techniques that usually involves recording each keystroke on the system. The software of this can be easily usable on your smartphone.

Attackers mainly use the keylogger to capture various login credentials, enterprise data, and many more. This software records all the activity, even including every mouse click.


1.Define Hacking? 

Hacking is one of the tricky ways to get control over someone’s public devices, details, etc., with the technique of getting unauthorized control over someone’s private account.

2.Which hack is known as one of the biggest hacks in history?

The data breach against Yahoo was one of the biggest hacks of all time compared to all kinds of hacks. It happened in the year 2013 when 3 billion people were affected by this, as per the officials of Yahoo.

3.In which country do most of the more enormous hackers exist?

It is China, which is supposed to have all kinds of dangerous hackers all the time. Every more enormous cyberattack that happened till now is traced back to China.

4.What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the act of hacking by white hat hackers. It involves accessing devices and networks to test all kinds of vulnerabilities involved in the process. After that, fixing all the weaknesses is also a step of Ethical Hacking. You can get permission for ethical hacking if you have all the skill sets related to hacking.


There are various types of hackers and hacks. Through this article, we informed you about the different risks and hacks involved in cybersecurity. Thus getting knowledge about all this, you would know all the security measures you need to take at a particular time to prevent every attack, which minimizes your risk of getting trapped by their hacking tactics.


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