Payment methods in bookmakers


When we want to make a deposit for the first time in a bookmaker, the first question that arises is what payment and deposit methods are accepted to deposit and withdraw money. Each bookmaker works with different payment methods, while some of them offer a wide variety of payments, others not so much. So, if we want to bet on them, how do we use the available payment methods? To do this, we have detailed step by step each of the most common payment methods in bookmakers and online casinos to deposit and receive payments online.

Remember that not all online payment and deposit methods in bookmakers allow you to carry out both transactions: deposit and withdraw money . Some methods allow you to pay and receive money, others only allow us to deposit it but not withdraw it through it (due to its own characteristics). Bank transfer is the usual or preferred method to make payments with the client when the system we use to enter does not allow us to receive money.

Payment methods and income in bookmakers

Wire transfer

Bank transfer is a secure method to transfer funds directly from our bank account to a different bank account within the national territory. This method of income and payments does not usually generate expenses on the part of the bookmakers. But if it is the banks themselves that can charge a small commission when sending money between accounts, but never when we charge through it. The negative part is its duration, since it can take between 2-10 days depending on each case.


PayPal is currently one of the safest payment and income systems. In addition to having a great projection for the future due to how easy and fast it is. It may even unseat more consolidated payment and deposit methods such as Mastercard or Visa in a few years.

Paypal works like an online wallet where you can keep your money as if it were a wallet. But at the same time you can associate your cards or bank accounts to make online payments without your bank details appearing. With Paypal you can receive and send money, which is why it is one of the preferred methods for depositing and withdrawing at online betting houses and casinos .

To pay with Paypal you must have a created and active account. This account has all the necessary security measures so that your means of payment are safe. When we want to deposit an amount through this method, the bookmaker will request our email and password registered in Paypal.


Founded in 1999, it offers businesses and individuals an online alternative to traditional deposit and payment methods. The Neteller account is an online stored value account that has been used by millions of consumers in over 200 countries to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds. By creating an account you will have access to an electronic wallet or eWallet with which you can make instant deposits. You can also dump, so to speak, any of the payment methods that we explain in this article in your Neteller account. So if, for example, you have money in Paysafecard or Neosurf (prepaid cards) and you want to collect it in one place, Nelteller gives you the possibility as an electronic money wallet. That if, when overturning other means of payment, it usually has a small commission associated.

To pay at bookmakers with Neteller you will need to enter your 12-digit Neteller account number and your 6-digit Neteller Secure ID number. Once this payment method is associated, you will not have to update it in new income. To make withdrawals, Neteller is a totally safe method where you can receive the profits generated in your bookmaker.


Skrill formerly known as Moneybookers is a digital wallet that allows you to pay and receive money securely on the Internet. Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom and it has been registered as such since 2001. It is also regulated by the FCA and licensed to operate in the European Union.

Whether you want to make payments, send or receive money online, with Skrill you only need an email address and a password just like with PayPal. To do this you must create your account on its platform and associate your payment and income methods, these are kept secret when payments are made for products or services on the Internet to protect the financial data of its users. Skrill has collaboration agreements with Bet365 and William Hill as secure payment and deposit methods for its users.


Visa allows you to pay easily, conveniently and securely thanks to the Verified by Visa seal. Browse and buy online with complete confidence. Your purchases are protected from the moment you pay them, until the moment you receive them.


MasterCard prepaid Cards allow you to have a payment method whose limit of use is determined by a load of money that is made on this Card. Therefore, it is the Customer himself who decides how much money he is going to put on this type of Card. Once that limit is exhausted, the Card can be reloaded or not. That is, there are prepaid MasterCard cards that are rechargeable and others that are not that allow you to spend the initial balance. And in no case are they connected in any way with a bank account. Find out from your Bank or Savings Bank about the type of MasterCard prepaid cards they can offer you.

Deposit methods without payment option


Teleingreso is a simple and safe way to make your deposits in bookmakers . This method is very innovative and is that once you select the Teleingreso option among the deposit options. The system shows you a 9-digit code that is associated with the amount you want to deposit. Next, you must go to a payment point with Teleingreso that you can see here . Among which are Abanca, Evo or Cajamar. Finally, you make the payment through the cashier by selecting the option Telepay online payments and entering your code.

Payment can be made in cash or by credit card depending on your preferences. At that very moment your transaction will be carried out automatically. Remember that Teleingreso is a payment method but not an online collection method . Which means that you can deposit money with this method but you cannot get paid through it.


Paysafecard is a very practical payment method and as safe as cash, considered as an online prepaid card . To make a payment with Paysafecard we must go to one of the authorized points of sale in our city. The possible amounts of Paysafecard are 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros. Therefore, you will not be able to buy PINs of other amounts or value. Next we buy our unique and exclusive 16 -digit PIN. This PIN is assigned the value of our selected amount. With it we can pay at any bookmaker that accepts this deposit method. If, for example, we buy a PIN of 100 euros and we only want to deposit 50, the rest of our money will remain active with the same code, waiting to be used in new transactions.

The bookmakers that accept payments with Paysafecard will only ask us for the amount that we want to deposit (in case it is not the maximum of our Paysafecard card) and the 16-digit code. Keep in mind that this is a deposit method but it is not possible to make payments with it. The only vulnerability of this method is our ticket. If we lose it or misuse it, it would be like losing our wallet or cash.


Neosurf is a French company that has been operating in most Western European countries since 2004. It is a payment service that works similarly to Paysafecard.

This payment method uses what are known as prepaid codes. To use this method in a bookmaker or in more than 20,000 online sites, we must acquire a Neosurf code in one of the 135,000 points of sale that you can consult here . Normally these points of sale are booths, computer stores, supermarkets, service stations, kiosks, tobacconists and kiosks.

It is not necessary to register or provide identification to acquire your code. This will be made up of 10 digits, will be paid in cash and may have a value of 15, 30, 50 and 100 euros according to your preferences. In addition, with it you can transfer funds from one Neosurf card to another through its online platform.


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