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When it comes to betting on sports, the odds have a huge weight, since they determine the profit that we will obtain for each euro bet. If we want to win more without increasing the risk of our bet, we will have to get better odds. How to do it? The million dollar question, to which we precisely answer below, by presenting you with the secrets of our experts for it.

1.Choose bookmakers with low margins on their odds

Let’s have something clear: online bookmakers will always win in the long run, they are one step ahead of us. Before proposing the odds, the bookmaker sets a profit margin, known as Overround, which is applied to the odds depending on the market, event or sport.

The Overround is what makes the odds not completely fair to the user. This profit margin allows the bookmaker to win yes or yes, whatever the final result of a market.

When deciding between two or more bookmakers, the profit margin is something fundamental to take into account. The lower this profit margin, the better odds we are going to get in general. For this reason, our main recommendation is that you learn to calculate the overround so that you can identify which online betting houses have the best odds and, of course, have an account in those that apply the most beneficial margins for you. Here goes our top 3!
By having a margin closer to 0%, the odds are higher and much more advantageous for you , since the commission is lower in some of the proposed markets.

2.Look for bookmakers with an ‘Improved Odds’ section

Another very important aspect to get good values ​​in odds is to identify which bookmakers offer us improved odds. The truth is that there are not many bookmakers where we can find them, but there are those that seek to generate a recurring offer for the client every day.

Improved odds are usually proposed by the bookmaker in major matches, especially soccer, although we can also find them less frequently in other sports. The most common is that they are matches belonging to first level competitions or very followed by the public such as La Liga, the Champions League, among others.
Sometimes only the winning market odds are improved (1X2), while other bookies propose improved odds for markets such as “player who scores first”, “number of corners”, “total shots on goal for both teams”, among others. others.

In matches with improved odds we will find a significant reduction in the bookmaker’s profit margin. In some, this margin is reduced to a range between 0% and 1%, which will be very positive for us. And in others, they can even present a margin in their negative quotas by being part of a special promotion.

Next, we show you which are the online bookmakers that currently have “Improved Odds”, since, as we mentioned, not all of them have this option.

3.Anticipate! Pay attention to the publication of quotas

From our expert analysis, something that has been very useful for us to get better odds in sports betting is to search in advance for the matches in which we want to place our bet.

The quotas are subject to variation from the moment they are published, and sometimes they perceive very abrupt changes. The market trend has a lot of weight in the change in the value of the odds, it is very common to see that the odds of a team are reduced when a team receives many bets over the days.

Bearing this in mind, the less time that has passed since the odds were published, the smaller their variation will have been, since the market will have less influence on them. That is why if we search and bet in advance, we will surely get better odds to bet.

4.Use Asian markets

If you are looking for better soccer odds , this is a very important point to keep in mind. The best bookmakers not only offer you the basic markets, but also present you with different alternatives, among which you will find the Asian markets.

Normally, the markets that tend to have the most liquidity are the most basic. It is more common to see bets on the winner of the match (1X2) than on the Asian handicap ; There are also more users who bet on the total goals than those who bet on the Asian goal line . Asian markets tend to have less liquidity and, once again, the market influence is less, being the best option.

If you plan to bet on the victory of a team (home or away), it may be better for you to choose an Asian handicap -0.5, looking to get the most out of it. For example, a home win at odds of 1.75 could easily be exchanged for an Asian handicap -0.5, possibly the odds would go up a few cents and you would be predicting the exact same thing.

Another aspect in which we can replace the market is when betting on a double chance of the underdog team (1X and X2). This type of bet is completely the same as betting an Asian handicap +0.5, with the difference that in the Asian handicap market we are almost always going to find a higher value. Perhaps the difference in the value of the fee is not much (about 0.10 cents at most), but it will undoubtedly impact the final fee of our bet the higher its amount or stake.

Also, what does it cost us to change the market in our odds panel, if the final forecast is identical? It would be throwing money away just because. Well, this is something that many tipsters who call themselves “professionals” ignore.

5.Bet during the direct

Live betting is much more exciting, but beyond that, it also represents a great opportunity to get better odds. Once the game starts, the odds in the live markets will be constantly changing with the passing of the minutes and according to each of the actions that are happening.

For example, if the first 10 minutes of the match have elapsed and the first goal has not yet arrived, rest assured that the “over 2.5 goals” market share will be higher than at the start of the match, something you could take advantage of if this was your forecast initially. For that, you should plan your game strategy before the start, this ends up being an art when it comes to betting.

It could also happen that the favorite team or player starts losing, something that would significantly increase their odds compared to the beginning. This can be very useful, especially in tennis betting , where it is very common for a favorite tennis player to lose a set or simply start behind during the first set, making it a worthwhile bet.

As you are, we will find many situations where we can get better live odds than pre-match, we just have to be very attentive.

Now that you know everything you need, it’s time to get to work and start betting with the best possible odds, to increase your profits with each winning bet and your long-term performance. Good luck!

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