EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites For Unblocking EZTV 2022

EZTV Proxy

Once a TV torrent distribution group, EZTV has evolved into a dependable BitTorrent service that the whole torrent community uses to get movies and TV series.

The greatest place to get TV torrents is on the EZTV website. Simply visit one of the EZTV proxy websites if your ISP prohibits eztv or you are unable to access it for any other reason. Through the EZTV mirror, you will have immediate access to download all of the necessary multimedia files.

EZTV is superior to many well-known peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing torrent sites and torrent search engines in a number of ways, including ease of use, dependability, and a massive collection of torrent files including magnet links.

As you may be aware, EZTV has experienced multiple outages in the past. In addition, EZTV even went offline for a while during the Swedish Police’s 2014 Pirate Bay raid.

Subsequently, a number of EZTV’s new websites (called Mirrors) went live.

ISPs and governments occasionally restrict and block these New EZTV sites and proxies because of copyright violations.

This post will actually assist you if you are unable to access EZTV for whatever reason.

This post includes various trustworthy EZTV substitutes along with an EZTV proxy list and mirror websites.

EZTV Proxies

Using EZTV proxy servers to access the website is maybe the simplest method. When clients send requests to other servers for resources, a proxy server serves as a middleman. When you use a proxy to access EZTV, outside observers do not notice that the proxy is providing you with EZTV content; they just see that you are connected to the proxy. Sometimes, EZTV proxies are confused with EZTV mirrors. A clone of the original website with a different domain name and servers is what is known as an EZTV mirror. On the other hand, an EZTV proxy is a different website that makes it simple for you to access both the original EZTV and frequently other websites. Generally, using an EZTV mirror or a proxy to access EZTV offers about the same level of privacy, thus it makes little difference.

Is EZTV blocked in my country?

For a variety of reasons, several nations are still attempting to block access to EZTV. However, occasionally the tracker goes down for a bit. But whenever there are internal issues, they constantly advertise on their website. Nevertheless, mirrored websites have effectively fixed these internal problems, enabling you to view EZTV even when it is prohibited.

Viewing their favorite material is made simple for users by EZTV’s mirror sites. Every time you try to access EZTV, if you keep getting a Cloudflare 522 error warning, it indicates that something is wrong with the hosting.

EZTV Proxy Sites List For 2024 To Unblock EZTV

These are a few of the top EZTV torrent proxy websites that will make it simple for you to unblock EZTV.

Furthermore, our staff has tested these proxy sites and they are not blocked in the majority of nations, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

These proxy sites are operational as of the writing of this article and are accessible online.

  • https://eztv.re
  • https://eztv1.xyz
  • https://eztv.tfhttps://eztv.yt
  • https://eztv.wfhttps://eztv.work
  • https://eztvtorrent.co
  • https://eztv.unblockit.rsvp
  • https://eztv.unblockninja.com
  • https://eztv.unblockproject.ink

To visit these EZTV mirror sites, just copy and paste these URLs into the search field.

All of the movies, TV programs, and torrent files from the original EZTV website are hosted on these websites along with magnet links.

What is an EZTV proxy and how does it work?

Generally speaking, an EZTV proxy acts as a conduit between you and the EZTV website, enabling you to visit it even when it is prohibited. These proxies give you a another method of accessing EZTV by mirroring the content of the original website.

Your request is routed through a different server location when you arrive at an EZTV proxy. By hiding your real IP address, it gives the impression that you are visiting the website from a place where it is not blocked. In this manner, you can get beyond any limitations put in place by your ISP or the government.

The purpose of EZTV unblock mirror sites is to provide users with an alternative to censorship or geo-restrictions while reproducing the content of the original EZTV website. By using these mirror sites or proxies, users can have uninterrupted access to their favorite TV episodes and movies.

How do you unblock EZTV proxy/mirror sites?

The most widely used torrent site in the past for downloading movies, TV series, and other content was EZTV. But in 2015, due to legal issues, it was taken offline, disappointing its devoted followers. Next came the EZTV mirror and proxy websites, which let you see material on the EZTV’s newly registered domain.

Not everyone can access every proxy or mirror website, though. There are two main reasons why the proxy sites could be blocked:

  • should the DNS be banned by the ISP.
  • if the IP address or domain name has been blocked by the ISP.

However, there’s no need to fear because, with the correct resources and understanding, unblocking EZTV proxy and mirror websites is an easy task. The following are a few examples:

  • To unblock websites, use one of the free web proxies available online. To unblock the website, just type the URL of the EZTV proxy site into the search bar and press Enter.
  • In order to get around the internet and visit websites that are prohibited, you can alternatively utilize a free VPN service like Psiphon or Hola.
  • Another excellent option for unblocking and accessing the EZTV proxy sites is to use a TOR network.
  • Additionally, using mirror websites is an excellent option to view EZTV programming that could be geographically restricted.

Unblock EZTV Proxy Sites

When your location blocks even these EZTV proxies, it’s time to use these tried-and-true methods to unblock them.

ProxySite: To unblock the torrent website, type the URL for the EZTV proxy site in the enter Url box and click GO. You have the option to choose between many servers located in the USA and Europe while attempting to access the website.

UltraSurf, you can unblock EZTV just by opening the app; no special domain or EZTV proxy is needed. accessible as a Chrome browser extension, as well as on Windows, iOS, and Android. The app will establish a proxy connection when it is launched. After then, you won’t be prohibited from using EZTV.

Tor: You can use the Tor browser if you frequently visit EZTV. After launch, it will establish a connection with a Tor proxy server, allowing you to unblock EZTV proxy and download torrents with ease.

VPN: A free VPN service is available to you. Installing the app on your smartphone is the first step. After that, log in and use the VPN to access EZTV without any restrictions.

How to unblock EZTV

Torrent tracking sites are generally blocked in two ways:

DNS blocking (easy to defeat): When you type a domain name in the URL bar of your browser, your DNS requests are forwarded to the servers of your ISP via DNS hijacking. If you force your own DNS servers on your device, you can simply get around DNS restrictions. Most ISPs employ a more comprehensive IP lock and domain.

Comprehensive blocking of domains and IP addresses: The websites are housed under a specific IP address and are reachable via a specific domain name (such as best-bittorrent-vpn.com). You cannot access websites that are prohibited by IP address or domain name because they are listed on an ISP’s blacklist. Using a virtual private network is the easiest approach to get around these blocks (VPN).

Still, some ISPs prohibit the BitTorrent protocol itself in addition to (or instead of) other things.

3 free methods to unblock torrent websites:

Tor Browser or Web Proxy (free) – If your ISP hasn’t prohibited the proxy website, this technique works well for unblocking torrent websites. Slow connections, a lot of captchas, and no download encryption are some drawbacks.

Manual DNS configuration (free) – Only a small portion of ISP blocks can be solved with this approach, making it the least efficient (lazy). Your torrent or surfing traffic is not encrypted by it.

Method 1: Use a web proxy  These are several free HTTPS (encrypted) web proxies that might help you load webpages. As long as the proxy site is not also blocked, this can occasionally help avoid network blockages.

Regrettably, a lot of these websites—like kproxy.com—block torrent websites directly. Another issue is that you are still open to DNS-based blocking because a proxy site can still use your ISP’s DNS servers.

Thus, using a torrent unblocking proxy website is your best bet:

  • https://unblockninja.comh
  • ttps://proxyninja.org
  • https://torrentsbay.org
  • https://torrentbay.st
  • https://abcproxy.org

These websites come in multiples. The majority are adaptable and let you unblock a variety of often prohibited categories, including social networking, YouTube, and pirate websites.

Method 2: use the Tor browser:  With the help of the free web browser Tor Browser Bundle, you can quickly route your browser traffic through a number of encrypted proxies. By doing this, you get around your ISP’s block on torrent websites and conceal your IP address from the websites you visit.

PROS: There is no cost. Configuring it is fairly simple. The browser, which is built on the Firefox platform, is useful and easy to use.

CONS: Typically, speeds are excruciatingly slow You’ll grow weary of figuring out captchas on traditional websites. Certain websites (such as news sites) completely ban Tor. It merely anonymizes your online browsing; it doesn’t do this for torrent downloads.

Step 1: install the Tor browser after downloading it. Torproject.org offers the Tor Browser Bundle for Android, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Step 2: open your preferred torrent website. Your communication is immediately routed through the encrypted Tor network, and using the Tor browser is quite easy. To access your preferred torrent site, simply type its URL into the browser bar (some sites may want you to capture a captcha as they view Tor traffic as “suspicious”).

Method 3: Change the DNS server :

It happens frequently that DNS blocking is the only blocking that ISPs do. Access to torrent websites is frequently restricted via the DNS, or Domain Name System, which converts IP addresses into website names. because DNS servers that are controlled by ISPs are used by users by default. Therefore, the issue of challenging torrent site access can be resolved by making it a public DNS.

Next, the public DNS servers listed below are utilized:

Google DNS: |

OpenDNS: | 208,67,220,220

Comodo DNS: |

We will soon be able to access all of the websites that are restricted by all ISPs since we may modify the DNS server through the network settings.

To modify the DNS server:

In Windows: Enter the network device and right click> Click Properties> Ipv4 Properties. Then change the DNS server and click OK.

For Mac OS: go to System Preferences> Network> Advanced> DNS, add a new DNS server, and click OK.

On Linux: Click the Network applet> Edit Connections> Edit> Configuration for IPv> Automatic Addresses Only (DHCP)> DNS Server and add each new address separated by a comma.

Are EZTV proxy/mirror sites safe and legal to use?

It is important to be aware of the security risks and potential legal ramifications when utilizing EZTV proxy sites. EZTV proxy sites could allow you to access content that is prohibited. However, you should proceed with caution as these mirror sites might not always be legitimate or safe.

It’s crucial to remember that using proxy sites to access copyrighted content may violate intellectual property rights and have legal repercussions. Additionally, some EZTV proxy websites could put viewers at risk for malware or phishing scams.

It is advisable to check whether an EZTV proxy site is legitimate before using it, and make sure that utilizing these platforms to access material does not violate any laws or regulations. Deciding whether EZTV proxy sites are safe and lawful requires careful consideration of copyright laws and your online safety.

How Does EZTV Proxy Work?

The EZTV website’s proxy server serves as a bridge between your device and the website. When you use a proxy, the proxy server receives your requests and routes them to the EZTV proxy website.

The content is retrieved from the website via the proxy and sent back to you. Through this procedure, you can indirectly visit the website, getting over any limits or limitations that might be in place.

When using an EZTV proxy site, your browser’s internet request is first sent via the proxy server and then to the mirror website.

As a result, it assists the user in unblocking the EZTV Torrent website while adding an extra layer of security and avoiding tracking.

How To Unblock EZTV?

Use VPNs, the Tor browser, or these easy methods to unblock torrent websites if the EZTV proxy websites listed above don’t work for you or if you’re seeking for more ways to unblock EZTV in your area.

Is EZTV still active?

No, EZTV is not available anymore. After being acquired by EZCLOUD LIMITED, the well-known TV torrent distribution firm ceased operations in April 2015. Since then, TV content is no longer distributed under their original domain names and brands.

How To Use A VPN To Unblock EZTV?

At the request of MPA and FACT, some ISPs in Italy and the UK have disabled EZTV and its RSS website, ezRSS.

Furthermore, EZTV has been outlawed in a number of nations and areas, including Argentina, Australia, the United States, Canada, India, and Ireland.
In any case, VPN services can be used to unblock EZTV in these nations. Even our list of the Top VPNs for torrenting is available for you to peruse.

EZTV proxy sites must be accessed using a VPN service since some ISPs, including those in the USA and Australia, restrict access to torrent download websites.

However, if you’d rather not use a VPN and are searching for some of the top EZTV proxy websites, go to the following portion of this post.

Best EZTV Alternatives

You may download movies and TV shows from a variety of reliable torrent websites in addition to EZTV.

Therefore, these are the top three EZTV substitutes that are definitely worth looking into, listed in no particular order.

1. YTS.mx

Yify/YTS is ranked first among the finest alternatives to EZTV. If you use torrents a lot to get movies, you will be impressed by this BitTorrent tracker website.

The newest games on YTS.mx are accessible in 4K quality, and the website has an easy-to-use design. YTS, often known as Yify, is among the greatest websites for downloading movies.

Use.torrent files to download movie torrents from this site. There is no way to access the magnet files. Actors in several movies speak in difficult-to-understand dialects or languages.

2. 1337X

1337X, which debuted in 2007, is the greatest substitute for EZTV. The best torrent files are shared in a community on this torrenting website, which allows users to download them for free. Anime, films, music, TV series, games, and software are all readily available for download via 1337X.

Thanks to its community-driven strategy, which allows users to freely exchange reliable torrent files for download, 1337X has grown to become a top torrent website. It is a well-liked substitute for EZTV because it aggregates large datasets from many torrent sites.

1337x is a well-liked destination for TV series and movies because it has scanned large datasets from other torrent sites, including torrentz and torrentdb. Every month, the website receives approximately 50 million page views.

They have a list of active 1337x mirror domains on their About Us page. The webpage is available at 1337x.to. For the convenience of users, 1337x also offers on-page torrent information.

3. GloTorrents

GloTorrents is a reliable substitute for EZTV. Though GloTorrents is a relatively young torrent website, it has gained popularity after Zooqle fell down.

You may easily search for and download your preferred torrent files or magnet links by using this website. GloTorrents offers anything from little Blu-ray films to sophisticated Android games.

By excluding inactive torrents and selecting categories, you may further narrow down your search. Use the “+” or “-” signs to include certain terms in your search, and to remove specific words from the results.

GloTorrents offers an enormous library of more than 1.5 million torrents. Verify the contributor’s reputation points before downloading anything from GloTorrents.

4. Torlock

Only verified torrents may be found on Torlock, an alternative to EZTV torrents. Since it is typically restricted in all regions, you can access it by using Torlock2.com.

Similar to EZTV, this website features over 9 million verified torrents in twelve different categories. The homepage’s initial section features the most recent, well-liked torrents. When accessing the torrent website through specific proxies, the search field is obscured in this instance.

Here, unlike EZTV, torrent files are not available. Magnet links are the only method available for downloading torrent files, albeit they occasionally have trouble opening for some proxy sites.

Other related alternatives:


You’re undoubtedly thinking which of the EZTV proxy sites and alternatives listed above is ideal for you. Let FastestVPN be your guide to make sure you get the most out of any of these torrenting websites, regardless of what you decide. It has features including anti-virus software, round-the-clock customer service, P2P servers that facilitate anonymous torrenting, and ad-blocking. In any case, you can now take pleasure in and view the TV series, films, documentaries, and much more that you choose.

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