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Kickass torrents

Although US authorities took down the official KickassTorrents website a few years ago, new websites that are perfect replicas of the KAT website have recently gone up.

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Often shortened to KAT, KickassTorrents was one of the most well-known and popular torrent websites. It became a major force in the file-sharing industry by providing a huge collection of torrent files and magnet links for a variety of media, such as games, software, movies, TV series, music, and books.

The website was well-known for having an intuitive layout that made it simple for visitors to search and browse its vast library of content. Along with a community component, KAT offered user comments and criticism on torrent files, enabling others to assess the dependability and quality of the torrents.

KickassTorrents’ extensive search tool set was one of its main advantages since it made it simple for users to locate particular content. In addition, the website frequently added fresh torrents to its database, which helped it become a well-liked spot for users looking for the newest releases.

But KickassTorrents ran into a lot of legal issues. It was frequently criticized for hosting and disseminating information without the required license, thereby encouraging copyright infringement. After a number of court fights, the website was finally taken down and its founder was taken into custody in 2016, which signaled the end of an era for the torrent community.

The webpages that we have included in this post are replicas of the original website. Even though it might not be the actual thing, KickassTorrents functions exactly the same way.

These replica websites, which are periodically updated, are also referred to as proxy and mirror websites. The websites are typically taken down because software and movie firms have filed DMCA complaints, despite the fact that they enable users to download copyrighted content.

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror


It’s possible that your ISP has restricted some of the torrent websites on the list, making them inaccessible to you. In these circumstances, accessing the website will require a VPN. Using a VPN is essential to hide from your ISP because accessing certain torrent websites may be prohibited in some countries.

These proxy/mirror websites are run by numerous administrators. That means that even if they will have the same appearance, they might perform somewhat differently from one another.

Should I use KickassTorrents?

There are many of other websites you can check if you want to get torrents from different sources. The Pirate Bay, the top torrent website in the world right now, is one of them.

Still, adjusting to a new torrent website might be challenging. Therefore, the decision to use or not utilize KickassTorrents’ new websites is entirely yours.

When will the original KickassTorrents website be back?

We don’t think the old website will be available again very soon. Many years have passed since US officials removed the website.

The original KAT website may reappear online under a different domain name since the original owner of the domain had it taken away from them. We may not be aware that it has already happened.

About KickassTorrents

KAT, or KickassTorrents, was a website that offered torrent downloads. Every day, nearly a million people visited the website to download free copyrighted software and movies. The US government removed the website because it was disseminating pirated content.

Although KickassTorrents’ website said that they abide by the DMCA and remove copyrighted information upon complaint, the staff never followed through on this, which resulted in the removal of the website.


Artem Vaulin launched the website in 2008, and it soon rose to prominence as one of the most well-known torrent websites. KickassTorrents has a global Alexa rating of 1,572 as of October 2017, making it the 69th most viewed website on the internet.

Servers Seized

The US government took control of the website’s servers and removed its domain name in July 2016. The two-year investigation that began when the US Department of Justice filed a criminal complaint against Vaulin led to the takedown.

The official KAT forum was reactivated and other mirror domains were established following the confiscation. Currently operated by volunteers, the website is prohibited in Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Malaysia, among other nations.

Millions of people use the website every day in spite of its restriction. This is mostly because a lot of people have started utilizing VPNs to mask their IP addresses or have moved to other torrent websites.

Although there are other torrent websites on the internet, KickassTorrents is one of the most well-known. This is mostly because it featured a large library of films and TV series and was among the first websites to provide magnet links.

Torrent websites like KickassTorrents

A number of alternative torrent websites, including The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent, have grown in popularity since it was taken down in 2016. Nevertheless, these websites are not without issues of their own; the government has pulled them down several times.

Because of all the lawsuits and investigations going on, torrent websites are getting harder and harder to run overall. Users will need to exercise greater caution when downloading copyrighted information as a result of the likelihood of this happening in the future.

Despite this, downloading and sharing data using torrent networks remains highly common. They are typically quite user-friendly and offer a large selection of information. Torrent websites can be a terrific method to get content that is unavailable in your country, as long as you take steps to safeguard your identity.

Are there any similar websites to KickAss?

There are a few additional file-sharing websites that are currently the greatest places to download torrents, even though some people might not be satisfied with the KickAss sites we described above.

Best alternatives to KickassTorrents

These highly user-friendly KickassTorrents substitutes are listed below. Given the large number of peer-to-peer users, torrent downloads ought should be extremely quick.



In the history of torrenting, KickassTorrents continues to be a significant chapter. Its narrative, with its rapid ascent, formidable obstacles, and enduring legacy, serves as a poignant reminder of the influence of community-driven platforms in the digital era.

Frequently asked questions About KickassTorrents?

Why did KickassTorrents exist?

KickassTorrents, also referred to as KAT, was a well-known torrent website that offered users magnet links and torrent files for a wide range of categories, including games, movies, TV episodes, music, and more.

What set KickassTorrents apart from other torrent websites?

KAT was one of the biggest and most well-known torrent sites in the world, known for its vast directory, easy-to-use interface, vibrant community, and helpful staff of administrators and moderators.

Was using KickassTorrents allowed?

Although it wasn’t unlawful to use KickassTorrents to look for torrents, it is prohibited in many places to download or share copyrighted content without the correct authority.

How are the original KickassTorrents doing?

The purported founder of KAT was detained when the domain was taken by the US authorities in 2016. As a result, the official website and all of its proxies were shut down.

Are there any KickassTorrents mirror or proxy websites?

Even while KAT had a vibrant community that frequently offered torrent users feedback, no torrent website is completely secure. When downloading content, it was crucial to read user reviews, confirm reliable uploaders, and keep antivirus software up to date.

What kind of material could be found on KickassTorrents?

KAT provided a wide variety of content, including software, ebooks, movies, music, TV series, and games.

Could using KickassTorrents result in legal consequences for users?

Yes, depending on their local copyright laws, people may be held legally responsible if they download or share copyrighted content without the required authorization.

How could consumers make sure they’re safe when using the mirrors of KickassTorrents?

To hide your IP address and encrypt your online activity, use a reputable VPN service. Update your anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Download from reputable and well-known uploaders. Before downloading, read user reviews to determine the legitimacy and safety of a torrent.

What made KickassTorrents such a hit?

KAT is a global favorite among torrent users because to its extensive directory, active community, and intuitive UI.

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