Moviescounter (2020): Top 20+ Similar Websites Like Movies Counter

The Moviescounter is only one of many websites that offer free movies. In reality, there are far too many options to download movies from the internet. The free movies are among the many URLs that can be downloaded. The most ideal and cozy option for the job is Movie Counter. However, it is a website that consistently receives the most amount of hits each month. Additionally, the most recent and highly requested films for end consumers have consistently been added to the Movies Counter website.

Compared to other websites, Moviescounter is an excellent place to download movies, as evidenced by the high volume of visitors to the site. Furthermore, the figures have only recently moved from a few million to roughly 16 million. There are more visitors than ever before, according to the search figures obtained from the Google tools. However, there is a noticeable difference when compared to the other sites. For the same reason that Moviesmarket frequently changes its domain name, it is an illegal content booster in our nation.

Because of the excellent movie quality on the Moviecounter website, a lot of links to websites that have similar content in terms of size, format, and quality are placed there. There are two different FHD resolutions available for the movie: 720p and 1080p. Additionally, the Government of India has approved Moviescounter, so before you click the download button, double-check that you have selected the appropriate category on the website. A VPN is required.

The Moviescounter’s most popular material is now easily accessible with its beautifully arranged and well-thought-out categories displayed. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Moviescounter is a website that offers copied content for sale, which is illegal in India.

On the main category page of Moviescounter, you can also search for recently released Hindi films. Netflix original programming. WWE programming and animation dubbing films.

In India, one in every two people enjoys watching movies. Regardless of the film genre—Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, and others. In a nation where over 1800 films are made annually and over 24 languages are spoken. But because they lack time and access to a faster, more reliable connection, the younger generation has chosen a wiser alternative to standing in line, buying a ticket, planning, and organizing everything else. which is seeing movies whenever, anywhere, and to the extent that you desire. Yes, that is correct if you guessed a mobile device (handheld). The younger generation discovered that a 70mm theater screen is not nearly as good as a mobile screen.

Using Moviescounter to transition to the digital age

There is now plenty of space for a variety of business sectors to grow and prosper financially as the world moves toward a digital age. But since on-demand services were still a relatively new concept in India, digital media platforms stood to gain the most, especially those that carried media and associated material, which helped them become even more well-known. All the Indians were quite curious about this new idea and term. And it became well-known for a while. The list is continuous and now includes Amazon Prime, Voot, Netflix, Eros Now, Sony LIV, and Viu as the other streaming services have developed.

However, the most disadvantage of these massive networks for material sharing and hosting is that you have to pay a tiny amount in exchange for fantastic content that you may access without any restrictions at any time, anywhere. These businesses offer a wide variety of content in many genres, languages, categories, and other formats. Because of this, after the demo version expires, they demand money in order to keep giving users access to the content. For customers to interact with and become used to the premium material without having to pay for it, every platform offers a demo version.

The usage of torrents in the past

Currently, torrents are regarded by the general public as a reliable source for content that other websites cannot offer. Allow me to clarify for those of us who are unfamiliar with what a torrent is. Hackers utilize this platform to get access to any kind of online data.

Whether it’s a costly premium application that you would need to purchase from a store or a movie. Web series are also very popular these days. Going to another website rather than Moviescounter could be a riskier choice because these unofficial websites might have hacked or unapproved versions of the movies. Continuing to visit these pages is at the visitor’s own risk.

As a result, you may discover tens of thousands of cost-free, excellent movie clips on websites like MovieCounter. This suggests that there is no cost associated with visiting Movies Counter. Movies Counter only asks for your attendance. You are free to take what you wish to watch and stream, download, or both.

There are various categories from which to select, including

1. Action Films

2. Animated Films

3. Biographical Film

4. Bollywood Motion Picture

5. Comedic Films

6. Documentary Films about Crime

7. Dramatic Film

8. Two audio streams

9. English-language film

10. A Family Film

11. Imaginary Film

12. High Definition Films

13. Hindi Motion Picture

14. Horror in History

15. Motion pictures

16. justmoviez

17. The Most Recent Film

18. The Lion King

19. Audio

20. Motion Pictures with Music

21. Mystery Films

22. Download movies via the internet

23. Frequently Asked Questions

24. Punjabi Film

25. Love Films

26. Science Fiction Films

27. SD Movies Point

28. Sports Films

29. Suspenseful Films

30. War of the TV Series

31. Western film productions

The other websites that provide free movie downloads

If, in the odd case that Moviescounter is unable to process your request, you can download your favorite movies rapidly by attempting the 50 selections below.

1. Films on YIFY

2. YouTube MyDownload

3. The Bob Movies

4. The Cosmo Channel

5. Fmovies

6. The motion picture NO Limit

7. FilmDDL

8. Film Viewer

9. 1337x Motion Pictures

10. Web Archive Films

11. The Movie Couch

12. See Motion Pictures

13. Fully Loaded Films

14. Mobile Films

15. Crawler DIVX

16. 123 Go Live

17. EMOL Motion Pictures

18. Get Any Movie

19. Movies on iPagal

20. Movie Torrents with WellTorrent

21. Bay of Critics

22. Flimade

23. Home Films

24. Watch in full online

Xmovies 8. 25

26. MKV cage

27. Mobile Movies in AVI

28. CinemaBloom

29. HD C Movies

30. My Cool

31. Maza HD Movies

32. TOR High Definition

CineWap (33)

34. Movies on FilmyWap

35. Original FZMovies

36. Blog for Movie Casts

37. Isai Dub

38. Every Day Movies

39. Torrents in public domain

Forty Filmy Wap Free Films

41 Films From FZ

42 RDX High Definition

43. The Movies Hub at 123

44. Download Couch Pota Movies

45. Vidmate

46. Watch High Definition Films

Point of HD Movies 47

48. 027 PowerPoint

49. GO Movie Downloads

50. Pornographic Films


The range of movie genres that are accessible

Hollywood Films: The most recent films
vintage films
Bollywood films, Tamil films, Telugu films, and HD films
Two-Tone Audio Films
2019 Full Movies in 360p & 480p


This blog is solely composed of user reviews and Mouthshut ratings from websites that promote or offer free movie downloads. As a result, Mouthshut has no intention of endorsing or recommending any website or product that copies or distributes copyrighted material. However, it is stated that piracy is an immoral or unfair behavior everywhere in the world, not just in India. As a result, we advise you to find local theaters where you may see recently released films and then post your thoughts on Your evaluation has an impact.

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