5 Reasons why slot machines are better than video poker.

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Slot machine game is both online and land-based. Video poker is competitive to slot but not superior to it. On a slot machine, all you have to do is put in the wager after pressing the button or lever; pulling must be done. Then there is a spin mechanism which can put the player’s heartbeat on high through expectation. Altogether, the simplest game in any casino is a slot machine game. This game has numerous versions.

But on the other hand, video poker consists of many versions. And they can be complex strategically and needs more skill and knowledge. Basically, video poker is not a game for people unaware of its smart move rules. Such necessity is not there in slot machines.

Reasons why slot machines are better than video poker, are as follows:-

  1. The evolvement of strategies:-

The major difference between a slot machine and video poker is the evolution of strategies. Slots do not contain any strategy, but video poker does. As we know, in slot machine games, we only need to drop some banknotes, tokens or coins and have to press the button or pull the lever and then wait while the slot is spinning up to the end and wait to know that we have won or loose.

On the other hand, video poker is simple than real poker but contains strategies and hence becomes more complex to play than a slot machine. In video poker, you are dealt with five cards. After that, you need to make smart moves according to strategic thinking to win.

Suppose you have various cards, and among them, one is a joker. The best move you can do is discard all other cards and keep only jocker, that is, Js. If you don’t play a strategic move in video poker, you can go through a higher house edge, and there is a drop in your winning chances.

While in the slot, you need to focus on your investment of money and choosing which game has to be played. Besides that, all the work is in the machine’s court, and the player will make no other choices. Some new features are seen in slot machines, like skill-based bonus rounds. But this contains only 5 % of the overall payback.

Hence, it is clear that slot machine doesn’t require any mental strategies nor require high skills nor requires knowledge. Just a bit of luck.

  1. Developing jackpots:-

Another thing that video poker lacks and slots contain jackpot progression. As it often happens that someone gets rewarded with a jackpot very rarely. But if someone turns out to be lucky, the progression or development of money could go up to a million dollars. The jackpot word truly makes sense after that.

Lucky players in this scenario, due to this reward, get attracted or returned to the slot machine. At the same time, video poker gave players up to 4000 coins, their royal flush. Some rare video poker games have a jackpot but have limited value, only $6,70,000. It is also a good amount but still, compared to slots, it is nowhere.

  1. Slots are more relaxing than video poker:-

Earlier, we mentioned that slot doesn’t need strategic gaming or smart skill and knowledge. It would help if you had all these mental stabilities in a video poker game. There is decision-making in video poker about which card has to be kept and which has to be discarded. Players don’t have to do this in slots.

We get clarity from this point that video poker demands more mental stamina or strength, which isn’t really needed in slots. Slots are stress-free.

  1. Slots offer comps:-

The slot machine edge house is very high. But it also offers more per cent of comp. You will receive some comp rates even if you lose the slot. Suppose your game comes with a 5 % house edge, and you bet $2000, then theoretically, your loss must be $100. The calculation behind it is the amount of 2000 is multiplied by 0.05, and the result is $2 in comp. For the comp rate in video poker, the house edge is 0.83%. If you bet $2000 by the theory, you will lose $16.60. Then the calculation becomes 2000*0.0083 by that you receive$0.33 comp.

So, as we see in the above example, the same amount of slots offer more comps than video poker. Which softens blow significantly

  1. Dependency of video poker on max bets for top paybacks:-

The top payback achievement is the goal of playing these gambling games. The rule in video poker is you need max five coins bet to have higher paybacks. With all five coins wagered, you receive much more royal flush.

4000 coin royal flush can be granted through a 5-coin bet, and by a 4-coin bet, the royal flush granted is 1000 coin royal flush. For a 3-coin bet, there is a 750 royal coin flush allowed. A 2-coin bet gives only 500 coin royal flush. And most minimal winning is 250 coins royal flush with one coin.

There we saw the greatest difference between 5-coin and 4-coin bets. By adding one coin, you get a jump of 3000 royal flushes massively.

To achieve the maximum jackpot and win the maximum bonus round, you must require specific bets for only some slot machines. But this is not the norm in slot machines. You can play into the machine, which doesn’t have such a requirement.


So, players, it has been concluded that slot machine game is far better than video poker. The slot machine game is not stressful as both are luck-based, but video poker demands strategic thinking. That’s why slot machines are more relaxing than video poker.

Video poker demands five bets to achieve maximum payback, but slots do not demand that. Slot even offers more comp than video poker. So, there must be no confusion for players to choose slot machine games over video poker in gambling casinos.

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