Bar Slot Machines, Can I Play From Home?

Bar Slot Machines

Bar slots have always been a fixture in bars in Spain, especially since the 1990s. It is a form of entertainment and an opportunity to win money that grew tremendously in the 1970s. Since then, these machines have been they were sophisticated. Increased the number of available titles, colors, image quality, etc. These changes made more and more people from different backgrounds approach them to play some games. Today, many of these games have made the leap to the digital environment and can now be played online. Undoubtedly, slot machines were the starting point that has allowed so many gaming options to exist today, from large casinos to small rooms. Also, the virtual space even guarantees access to games from other countries and the possibility of trying them out for the first time before they reach the bar machines. In this article, we will talk about the classic physical machines and how they have evolved to reach devices such as the computer or the mobile.

Bar slots are ubiquitous in any venue

Undoubtedly, in Spain, slot machines are one more element. They are as typical as the bar counter or television with football matches. Originally, these machines were related to traditional taverns, the typical authentic places that boast of not losing their essence. However, with modernity, slot machines ended up reaching pubs and places with other environments, where gaming machines were also successful. This expansion of the business made new titles increasingly necessary to attract players.

In the 1980s, for example, the video game boom took place . The typical arcade minigames were everywhere. The arcades with arcade machines were meeting places for people of all ages. Slot game designers decided to incorporate some of the arcade elements to make their titles more attractive. For this reason, we began to see coin games set in space, futuristic environments, pixelated styles and other reminiscences of video games. Let’s say that the idea of ​​cherries, bells and numbers was progressively abandoned to innovate with other symbols.

Slot machines have always been a reflection of their time. When gangster or Western movies were all the rage, slot designers included elements from those worlds. It was not unusual to see signs with the face of Al Capone or John Wayne.

A simple mechanism that provides a lot of fun

A slot machine uses a simple mechanism, in which different wheels rotate and align symbols. When three symbols match horizontally, the player wins the prize. This is the premise of the game, which has been complicated over time to generate greater dynamism and interest. The first machines required a person to pull a lever. in each turn. Thus, the turn was activated.

The symbols used were very simple and were often copied from the world of cards (examples were aces, jokers or hearts). Over time, the symbols changed; clovers, bells and cherries began to be predominant. However, we have mentioned that the iconography always obeys the trends of the moment, so it has been changing. Now, it is possible to see symbols of Vikings or ghosts, for example, depending on the most successful series and movies. This is how a very traditional custom in Spain has been adapted to new audiences.

The Spaniards got used to the game dynamics and began to enjoy them both alone and in a group. The pursuit of the lucky roll made slot games popular. In addition, the innovators of the sector managed to make these machines of chance more than just a series of wheels turning and coinciding periodically. Many machines began to incorporate typical elements of minigames and roulettes that are currently very common on the internet. At this point, the machines of the face-to-face and virtual world coincide. Online slots offer endless add – ons and extra games to make the experience richer.

Do people play slots from home?

The reality is that Spain is a country where the game from home is very normalized; slots are no exception. Online games work with a random system that mimics the random conditions of a slot on a screen. The novelties and the changes at the graphic level have favored that there are more and more casual players. In addition, internet slots have an advantage over face-to-face slots. Machines that are installed in bars require a complete remodel when they are upgraded. In other words, you have to replace and change the machines. The virtual ones do not present this inconvenience.

Everything is much simpler when we talk about digital games , since you simply have to update the web. In fact, in many cases, the base of previous hobbies is used to develop titles with other themes faster. Regular players of the slots pages know when their favorite developers release something that might interest them.

Something similar happens in face-to-face machines, which increasingly incorporate a type of software that allows you to play several games on the same machine. Also these machines can be upgraded more easily without the need to replace the entire slot device .

Slots like River Queen from Novomatic were launched online , but also in a face-to-face version. The new Novo Line Power Cash from Novomatic includes 4 new formats. This brand represents a revolution in digital launches and in bar machines.

Enjoying your favorite games is now possible in the format that best suits you, both at the bar or pub and from home with complete peace of mind. Brands like Novomatic make it easy for you and adapt to the tastes of the players.

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