What Is a Casino Croupier?

Casino Croupier

If you like online casino games , such as live roulette, you should know that there is the possibility to choose the game mode with dealer or croupier. You may not know all the advantages of having this professional, but to do so, in this article we will explain what their functions are and how the casino croupier can help you during a game.

What is a casino croupier?

The croupier is the professional in charge of organizing and managing the activities that take place at the gaming table, such as handling cards, exchanging money for chips or throwing balls. He has the skills to speed up online casino play remarkably. In addition, he knows perfectly the rules and the payment mechanism.

He also knows how to check that everything works properly in any roulette game. For this reason, the best live casinos have this figure in our online games where we allow you to view them online . Specifically, at mamacasinos we have online casino games with croupiers, such as live roulettes or grand dealer roulettes with famous croupiers .

Basic characteristics of a good dealer

The good croupier must meet certain requirements to perform their different functions correctly. Among them are:

  • Provide excellent communication with users.
  • Make decisions in an agile way so that the game follows an adequate dynamic. This includes, for example, the dynamism when singing and paying the winning bets.
  • Resolve conflicts that may arise so that no user disturbs the game of the other players.

What is the difference between a live casino dealer and a land dealer?

You must think that, just like in physical casinos, the role of croupier in live casino is very beneficial. In this case, being online, it will be in charge of directing the game, as well as entertaining it to generate a fun game environment .

Without a doubt, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of physical casinos, without the need to dress in black tie or in a formal way, as required in those establishments. From home, you will have the same fun as in any highly recognized live casino .

What functions does an online casino croupier have?

In the following lines we will explain the common functions of this figure in live casinos:

Shuffle and deal cards, chips or balls

The croupier’s first responsibility is to shuffle and deal cards , as well as throw chips or balls, that is, anything that the different games that you can find in the live casino need.

Due to the great diversity of bets that you can make in the live casino, the dealer will be in charge of opening the rounds with the cry of ‘make a game’ and closing them with the cry of ‘no more’ . After this process, this professional will be in charge of checking that the players make the correct bets and calling out and marking the winning numbers.

Pay the players

In addition to analyzing the results or bets of the players to define the winner after finishing the game or hand on the table, this professional is in charge of distributing the chips or the money . For this reason, we must also highlight his mathematical skills .

The key moments are lived when making the payment of the winning chips , since the dealer will have to be totally concentrated so that his attention and precision allow each player to be given the amount of money with which he has been awarded.

Help the players

During a game, these professionals are obliged to treat the players in a friendly manner . In case you have any doubts about the chosen game, your live room dealer will provide you with their knowledge and experience to solve it.

In this way, they will also answer questions regarding the mechanism of operation of the different areas of use of the players.

Check that protocol standards are met

The dealer will face different situations during the games, since his main function is to direct and control the game at the corresponding table or room. In addition to welcoming, he will ensure that the casino’s protocol of action and exposure is complied with, in accordance with the established regulations.

Thus, these rules include exchanging cash for chips before starting and allowing considerable time for players to place their bets. Also to determine the moment to start the game and to launch the ball to call them and close the bets when appropriate.

In conclusion, we hope that now that you know all the functions and responsibilities of the casino croupier , you will be encouraged to try the live games where this figure is present. Remember that this expert will be of great help at certain times when you have doubts, in addition to organizing the game in a much more agile and orderly way.


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