The Importance of Identity Verification in Online Casinos

Identity Verification

Identity verification is one of the regulations imposed by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) to prevent fraud in online gambling. However, since April 1, 2019, its policy has changed, and the control is no longer carried out at the time of performing the monetary operations, but at the time of registering on the chosen platform . In this article we explain the reason for these changes in identity checks, in addition to explaining the type of documents you must provide to carry out this process successfully.

Why has the DGOJ modified the identity verification policy?

Since 2012 and due to the success of online betting houses and casinos, the DGOJ has been working hard to keep this sector in order. Thus, this governing body of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, responsible for controlling online gambling, is constantly studying the needs of the market and its weak points in order to launch new regulations when necessary and appropriate.

In order to avoid problems, localized and aggravated over time in this market, and to make this gaming service more effective, the identity checks of the players were modified by means of a royal decree with resolution on October 31, 2018 In this way, the protection of the players (for example, by identity theft), the control so that the operating companies contribute legally , as it corresponds, and the avoidance of fraud are ensured.

For these changes to be carried out successfully, the regulations gave all companies in this sector room until March 2019 to modify their mechanisms and be able to comply with the law. From then until the present, new players will be required to fulfill their verification registration when activating their account . Regarding the old ones, all of them had a moratorium of 9 months to comply with the new requirements. In case of not verifying their identity, even today, they will be able to continue participating, but with limited money deposits and without being able to withdraw the prizes won until they carry out this action.

What documents are valid to verify identity in online games?

Generally, both in bookmakers and online casinos, some documents or others are requested depending on the nationality. Thus:

  • Spanish citizens are asked for the scanned or photographed image of the National Identity Document , provided that the data is clear. Thus, it prevents those under 18 years of age from accessing this type of gaming platform or fraudulent identity theft from being carried out without a person noticing.
  • In case of being a citizen of the EU , the valid documents will be the passport or the DNI of the country of origin, in addition to the certificate of citizen of the EU.
  • If you are a foreigner residing in our country , you will need to send either the copy of the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) on both sides, or the copy of the residence application (less than 90 days old). In addition, it will also be mandatory that you send a copy of your passport. Exceptionally, if your TIE is not valid, you can send the renewal application form to validate your identity, which is valid for 90 days following its presentation.

On the other hand, it will be essential that the bank details , which are also checked, match the name of the registered player .

Online casinos and betting houses appreciate these changes in the regulations

Online gaming companies responded positively to these regulatory changes. It is logical if you think that they are the first interested in fair play on their platforms . To gain more users, many of these companies offer offers or promotions in exchange for registering on the website, without the need to deposit any amount of money.

Among them, is that of obtaining money or free spins so that you can try the different games or get a casino bonus when making your first deposit at the time of registration. At the end of the day, they are strategies to capture the attention of users and convert them into customers.

In conclusion, now that you know why identity verification is so important in online betting houses and casinos , we hope you have the peace of mind that your data will be safe on this type of platform. Therefore, if you want to try these games, you already know that you must have your documents ready to validate your identity when creating your account and if you are already inside, you will need to carry out this action to be able to withdraw the prizes.

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