Lucky Symbols, Do You Know Them All?

Lucky Symbols

Lucky symbols are very popular all over the world. Virtually every culture has objects or actions that are considered to promote good omens. Those who believe in them tend to use them when they are going to face a situation in which they think they are going to need fortune. For this reason, one of the areas in which they are most often invoked is gambling. Next, we will tell you how these amulets also affect online casino games .

The symbols of good luck give you security

Human beings tend to seek security in things that are familiar to them. In this sense, symbols are one of the closest references that can be grasped. Keep in mind that they are social conventions shared by millions of people. In addition, they have been passed down from generation to generation, giving them significant sentimental value.

Just as there are symbols of good luck , there are also symbols of bad luck. But we are going to focus on the first ones. At the end of the day, they are the ones that are going to be most useful for you to be optimistic in the game. These good vibrations will come in handy both in physical rooms and online. And it is that the power that we suppose to the amulets is as valid in casinos and online slot machines as in the game rooms in your neighborhood.

On the other hand, you have to take into account that each culture has bequeathed different symbols of luck. So what means good luck in one region of the globe may not have any bearing on others.

In our case, we come from the Greco-Latin and Christian tradition, so most of our symbols have this origin. However, the fact that we drink, mainly, from this tradition does not mean that we have not been able to adopt amulets from other cultures . Not in vain, we have done it on many occasions. In the following lines, we explain the relevance of certain symbols that you can keep in mind when enjoying the game. Take note.

The main symbols of good fortune

Let’s go with a review of which ones you can hold on to when you go to spend some time, for example, roulette or your favorite slots. In any case, we always recommend that you take it easy . Both the game and your hobby to associate certain references to good luck.

Above all, always think about enjoying your user experience and that your charms always give you positive vibes. Take a look at the ones we present to you in this list. Do you believe in any of them?

The elephants

These mammals can live long years. Therefore, they have established themselves as symbols of longevity , which is equivalent to enjoying good health. It is not strange, in this regard, that there are people who place elephants at the entrance of their house to try to guarantee a prosperous future. And don’t forget the basically Hindu origin of this amulet. Remember that the god Ganasha has the head of an elephant.


It is an instrument that provides equines with the security they require in their trots and gallops. Consequently, it has been adopted as a signifier of good fortune and fertility. For this reason, you can see that horseshoes hang face up from the doors of some homes . The objective of this invocation is that luck does not decline.

Four leaf clovers

We have imported this reference from Celtic traditions (in particular, from the Irish). You can find these flowers with different numbers of leaves, but the ones with four are especially difficult to see. They represent love and hope, linked to old beliefs about fairies and spells.

The shooting stars

Because they are so difficult to spot (except on a few nights and lightly polluted skies), we place a high value on them. So when we come across one, we consider it a sign of good luck. Hence the drive to make a wish arises .

The dreamcatchers

We have received this tradition from the Native American Indians. They are pendants, tangled like nets, which are believed to ward off nightmares and bad omens.

Rabbit’s feet

Finally, we give you an example of a symbol of good omens shared on different continents . It was the Celts who associated the desire of these animals to live in burrows with an innate ability to contact supernatural beings.

Amulets: accessories for online games

In the online games that we present to you, you won’t have to trust everything to your ability. Not even to your luck. Out of prejudice. Out negativism. One of the most beneficial things to approach online gambling from a healthy perspective is information. And in mamacasinos you will be able to count on it.

Whether in bar or casino slots , video bingo or casino , in all these online games, you will be able to count on a complete guide on the rules to compete. So that, at all times, you know what to expect. You will be able to solve your doubts through a complete and intuitive section of questions and answers.

You also have a 24-hour assistance service . Because doubts, when you are playing online, can arise at any time of the day… and night.

In short, the symbols of luck , if you believe in them, are one more help for the online game. It is worth knowing what each of them means. So you can use them according to your interests. Of course, always with a positive and healthy attitude regarding the entertainment that we offer you at mamacasinos.


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