Do You Know How to Attract Good Luck in Games?

Luck in Games

Knowing how to attract luck in games of chance is the great unknown for players. After all, the main objective of this activity is to get as much reward as possible, in addition to having fun . In this article we will tell you some tricks to get lucky in online slots .

Online games , how to attract fortune

The saying goes “lucky at play, unlucky in love” , but it doesn’t have to be that way. In these activities there are many things that influence, and one of them is to surround yourself with positive energy. There are certain tricks to attract good vibrations that can help you in online games . Keep in mind that each and every one of the actions set out below are a guarantee of success in our games, since we must remember that we are dealing with games of chance and that therefore our victory or defeat will depend on the fortune we may have at that moment.

Fatima’s hand

With a Judaic origin, the hand of Fatima has been adopted by many countries and religions over the centuries. Today it is considered one of the most powerful talismans to attract fortune and also to protect its owner. It is a hand with an eye in the center that people usually hang from their neck. Its meaning changes slightly depending on whether it is carried up (protection) or down (fortune).

If you want luck to accompany you in the game , remember that millions of people have believed in this symbol through the centuries. There must be a reason…

Four Leaf Clover

Finding, by chance, a four-leaf clover (instead of the usual three) has always been a sign of good luck . Although luck is to be found, four-leaf clover-shaped objects have become amulets for many people.

Whether you find it or trust the item itself, having it nearby can bring you luck in the game . However, thinking positive always gives much more security in this type of leisure activity, where luck also plays a fundamental role.

Crystals and minerals

According to the oriental philosophy of feng shui , both crystals and quartz of certain colors attract positive energies towards the person who possesses them. The tone determines the abundance of fortune it foresees. What are the most used and how can you use them in the game?

1.The rose quartz . It is the most popular stone to attract good vibrations and luck, while being able to ward off bad omens. At least, that’s what their legend says. A piece of this stone in your pocket, or hanging around your neck with a chain, is enough for you to benefit from its benefits in any activity.
2.The turquoise . Another stone that has the ability to attract good luck , especially in relation to economic and personal stability. It can also be carried in your pocket or on rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.
3.If there is something that is sought in online games, apart from the pleasure of winning, it is to get money for it. And jade is the best gemstone to attract it. According to the philosophy of feng shui, the first emperor of China, after his reunification, ordered a seal to be carved using this stone. A phrase was engraved on it that claimed absolute imperial power .

The rituals

Not only the presence of certain objects can give you good luck in your game: there are also a series of rituals to which this “power” is conferred . Casino players use one in particular, whose instructions have been passed down from generation to generation.

To carry it out, you will need the following materials:

  • Laurel
  • cigarettes
  • anise leaves
  • seven different currencies
  • Sugar cane

Each of these elements plays a specific role in the ritual , so it is very important to follow the recommended steps. The first step is to put the coins (one by one) in a container. It can be a bowl, for example; then add the anise and bay leaf.

Thirdly, you have to add the sugar cane on top of all this, so that it covers the inside completely. Then, you have to light the cigarette and expel the smoke on this preparation and the container. Stay like this for about two minutes, approximately.

While the tobacco is completely consumed, the most important part comes, and that is to repeat this phrase (or a similar one): “I’m going to be lucky at games of chance. That’s right, that’s how it will be and that’s how it will be.”

In short, if you want to know how to attract luck in games , you can use objects that have worked for others. Stones such as jade or rose quartz, four-leaf clovers or the hand of Fatima are known to attract fortune. Casino players also use a little ritual before starting the game.

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