How to Calculate Where the Ball Will Land in Roulette


Online roulette is currently much more accessible than conventional ones. Now, if what motivates you is to emulate the great players who managed to predict with some kind of method what numbers would come up, you won’t be able to do it. In fact, those who applied those procedures always did so with physical roulette wheels, and rather old ones. In today’s casinos, advanced technology has surpassed these possibilities.

Two famous methods that beat roulette wheels

In the 1990s, a family developed a method of knowing where the ball would land. They leaned on the manufacturing imperfections that these elements always had. They generated a bias that made the appearance of some numbers or others more feasible. After observing and recording the results obtained during thousands of spins, they calculated the pattern using software and began betting based on it. They made a good amount of money! However, current roulette wheels identify and correct these biases, so the system no longer works.

In 2014, at the Ritz in London, a team consisting of two Serbs and one Hungarian used a laser system to measure the speed of the ball and the roulette wheel . The mobile analyzed this information in real time and, with software , anticipated which numbers could come out. They got a million pounds!

Can you really find out where the ball will land in online roulette ?

The technology used when playing online casino is completely random. This means that it is not possible to methodically guess where the ball will land every time. It is, therefore, an absolutely game of chance , so it maintains all its romanticism and its essence.

However, these guidelines will help you have a better chance of hitting :

Choose European Roulette . It only has one zero, since it lacks the double zero box. Therefore, there are more options to hit than in the American ones.
To get an idea of ​​what numbers are coming up, look at a range of numbers and bet on them a good number of times. Only then will you have enough information to establish some reference calculation.
Do you want to increase the chances of success? Make outside bets . Focus on the color (red or black), the even or odd numbers, and the high or low numbers. In these cases, the chance of success is around 50%. With a little luck, in the short term you can benefit. If you bet on a single number at a time, the options are remote.

The time of the strategy

Yes, some strategies that allow you to compensate losses more quickly and, in this way, have some additional option to make the bet profitable have proven their effectiveness .

These are the main ones:

Martingale . The goal is to increase the chances of making small profits. It consists of applying a continuous progression in the bets. Thus, every time you lose, you have to double the bet. When you win, you will recover everything lost until then.

D’Alembert . In this case, you must increase your bet after losing. But do not double the bet, as in the previous one. It is usually applied to outside bets, whose chances of failing are not so high.

Fibbonaci sequence . A ratio obtained by adding the two preceding numbers is used. That is, 1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 8 / 13 / 21 / 34 / 55 / 89 / 144 and so on. You start by betting on the first digit and move on to the next if you miss, or go back when you hit.

But the most important! So that there is no doubt about it, it must be stated clearly: there is no system, trick or strategy that is capable of anticipating where the ball will stop when spinning on a roulette wheel.

Applying these guidelines to online roulette , you are not necessarily going to win more or less. But possibly you will have even more fun or satisfy your curiosity about whether they really work or not. Now, be clear: it is not possible to cheat at roulette when playing today ‘s online casino .

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