Reasons for the popularity of pachinko and pachislot

pachinko and pachislot

Hokuto no Ken AKB48 Monster Hunter , and other new pachinko and pachislot machines are coming out every month .

Each has its own characteristics and ingenuity, and players will never get tired of it .

In particular , the Fist of the North Star series major manufacturer ” Sammy ” is very popular with players .

Is that sense of stability due to the sense of security when Kenshiro can be seen ?

In addition, products that have become popular in anime and movies, such as Lupine the Third and Evangelion, which are familiar Fujiko  chan , are always popular pachinko and pachislot machines .

There are various reasons for the popularity of pachinko and pachislot.

Various images, people enjoying the gimmicks, people enjoying the atmosphere of the place, such as the glittering neon, the huge volume, the smell of cigarettes…

The reasons may differ for each person, but the biggest reason may be that you can legally enjoy gambling in Japan.

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