The relationship between football and social media

social media

The lifestyle of football is generally portrayed as highly paid, self-centered, spoiled, thuggish and immature.  Players often have a life that is monitored by their fans from time to time. More fan base means the player has to live up to the standards of the followers. 

An account of the journey of football players has made some of the players to be well versed on the current trends of social media as they generate real money from the following they receive on their platforms. In comparison with online casino, the players always have the power to control the game just like the football players. This has resulted in a sense of ownership for the players thereby making them to feel satisfied whenever they are playing for money or for fun.

YouTube has allowed football players to make online casino gaming businesses out of their reputation and the following created by their content creators. These accounts have an influence to get unique interviews with famous coaches and other footballers as compared to mainstream television shows.

To add on, Instagram has been competitive enough to create a strong reputation for the players from time to time.  The rank of players is also influenced by the following generated on social media every time they make engagements. More views are generated with perseverance and hard work of both the players and the content creators who advertise and promote the works of the players.

More so, the lifestyle of players is brought about by the unique skills they have when they are playing in the field. Real money is generated awards on social media are received especially for the most active participants on different social media platforms.

However, the good picture is always portrayed by the producers of content. This aims to attracts the minds of audience and make them to always gain support despite the player being right or wrong.

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