What a Casino on Four Wheels Looks Like

Casinos may take many shapes and forms. For example, the smallest casino in the world was a car. The London cap to be more precise. The cab roam the streets of London and Birmingham for a while in 2016.

Typical black London cabs are known around the world. Legendary British cabs drivers used a black TX4 until 2017, which were made by The London Taxi Company. This model was later replaced by the LEVC TX version, now produced by the London Electric Vehicle Company.

It is also interesting that you can see these special cab models in other cities like Bahrain, Baku, Berlin, Cairo, Johannesburg, Las Vegas, Nanjing, Ottawa, Perth, Sydney, Riyadh and Singapore.

The Smallest Casino in the World

It was this cab, which was chosen to become literally the smallest casino in the history of world. The whole event was part of an advertising campaign of the Birmingham betting company, and the whole thing went viral very quickly.

It was possible to catch a small taxi-casino by tweet and get on it. Then you could go for free to a land-based casino headquarter or anywhere in the city by money. The money collected as the fare went to charity.

So what could you find in this smallest casino? There is not much space inside this car, so you did meet a live croupier with who could teach you how to play blackjack or other casino games. The equipment included a minibar and two TVs with sports broadcasts. Just for the comparison, the biggest casino in Las Vegas – MGM Grand has 140 tables, 2500 slot machines, 5 pools, restaurants and shopping areas and hotel with 6852 rooms.

Other Mobile Casinos of the History

As far as we know, the famous British casino-cab was one of a kind. Probably just because the price of gas outmatched the possible winnings from gaming since there was only one gaming table. 

But there are also other extremely tiny gaming rooms, which move from one place to another. Just not on the ground. There is a famous sea-born casino like The ‘Pirate Boat’ in Macau with only 17 gaming tables. To include all forms of transportation, there are also little casinos in the skies. The famous one is probably Casino Jet Lounge made by AirJet Designs.

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