6 Online Casino Safety Tips

Over the course of the last few years, we saw online casinos gaining more and more popularity. Whether you visit web-based casinos just for fun or you’re dreaming about winning big and getting a chance to retire early, protecting your self is a must. Listed below are six tips to ensure both your identity and finances are safe.

Use the trial period

Most online casinos offer you a chance to test their site for a limited period before actually signing up. Almost always, these trial runs are free of charge, meaning that you don’t have to invest anything but you also can’t withdraw any potential winnings. Trial runs are a perfect opportunity for checking out online casinos and trying to figure out how safe they are. Just the fact that you can play without paying anything means you get a free chance to test the technology, safety framework and the way the online casino operates. Once you’re sure you’ve found the right casino, the only thing left to do is sign up and start playing your favorite games using real money.

Try not to download software

Sometimes, you’ll be asked by the casino to download software to play games. The problem is, this puts you in a vulnerable position as there’s always a chance you could download something that may harm your PC and files you have stored in it. Not to mention that there are viruses that have been specifically designed to skim your passwords and financial information. With that said, your safest bet is to not download anything until you’re completely sure you can trust the casino you’ve signed up on. This is especially the case you’re not tech-savvy or you don’t have an antivirus software installed on your PC.

Read the fine print

When registering on a website, most of the time, you’ll be asked to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. You’ll hear people joking about ignoring these things all the time but if you don’t read them, the joke could be on you. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re agreeing to and this even more important when you know you’ll link your profile to your credit card. Terms and conditions is where you might get to learn about any hidden fees and reasons why you might be asked to forfeit your winnings. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, make sure you at least just skim through it before you click on that “I Agree” button.

Choose the best online casinos

One of the easiest ways to keep your information safe when playing online casino games is to be careful when choosing online casinos you play at. With the popularity of web-based casinos constantly growing, we got to see more and more online casinos being opened. Just like there are some iGaming operators that are popular across the world, there are those that cannot be trusted just yet. Your safest bet is to look for top online casinos and only sign up on those other players recommend. Luckily, finding online reviews and player recommendations has never been easier than it is today.

Check for lock signs

There’s an easy trick you can use to check whether any website you enter is safe or not. All you need to do is check whether there’s a little lock sign next to the URL. If you can spot the lock, it means the website relies on secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to keep its visitors as safe as possible. What SSL encryption does is create a secure connection for transmitting data such as financial information and social security numbers. Therefore, before you register on an online casino website, check whether they use SSL encryption. If not, it might be a good idea to continue searching for another website that offers your favorite casino games.

Opt for the right payment method

Another thing you can do to make sure nothing happens to your personal information when playing online casino games is to choose the safest payment method. Not so long ago, the only way to do play blackjack or spin slots online was to use your credit card. Nowadays, there are new payment methods and some of them offer more security for the players. For example, if you opt for an online casino that accepts digital currencies, the only thing you need to play your favorite games is a cryptocurrency wallet. Most web-based casinos now accept popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.


Follow these six tips and you can enjoy your favorite casino games without having to worry about somebody else getting their hands on your personal information. Build a list of online casinos you can trust and you’ll be able to play any game you want.

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