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On the torrent website 9kmovies, you may download a number of films for nothing. This website’s primary feature is its emphasis on regional and Bollywood films.

Approximately 9k films

Many films are available for download on the 9kmovies torrent domain. It is also possible to download movies in several languages, such as Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. You may view films for free on the 9kmovies website. There is no fee associated with downloading films from this website. The ability to download local films from this website is its greatest feature. Since it offers a unique element to this website, these movies won’t be accessible on many torrent sites.

Newly released films can be downloaded and viewed on this page. It is a pirated website, of course. However, it is illegal in many countries to watch films over these proxy services. The movies that may be found on 9 Movies websites are not protected by copyright and are released illegally. Movies from websites can also be downloaded from other sources.

Which Categories Are There On The 9kMovies Website?

The list below indicates how many genres are accessible on 9kmovies. This is because it makes it easy for the user to browse the movie selection. Thus, anybody can download films from this website with ease. The following list contains this website’s categories:

  • Hollywood films Original Web Series, Telugu films, Bengali films, Hindi films, Gujarati films, and Urdu films.
    Malayalam Films
  • Bollywood films, 300MB films, Nepali films, TV series, Punjabi films, 3D films, Kannada films, Marathi films, tunes, trailer, Tamil films,
  • Pakistani films, Assamese films, Iranian films, Dual Audio, HEVC films,

What Unique Elements Are Included In 9K Films?

It is considered to be among the top websites for downloading movies. While it’s possible to download films from other websites, this one stands out for having the ability to download regional films that aren’t often available online. It is difficult for everyone to go see the many regional films that will be released in some locations on big screens, and some of these films won’t be broadcast on TV channels.

For movie buffs looking to download and view those kinds of regional films, this website is the greatest source. Unlike many proxy services, where downloading movies might be challenging, this website makes it easier for customers to download movies. Because trying to download movies or TV episodes from many proxy services can direct you to other websites that could damage your devices. Occasionally, when using those proxy sites, you will be taken automatically to other websites that display advertisements. Some of those websites may even request personal information, such as your email address. Thus, it is preferable to stream or download movies via a 9kmovies website.

Some folks don’t have enough storage space to watch the films that are available online. A large number of people won’t have enough storage to download the videos. The movies that are accessible on the proxy sites will range in size from more than 500MB to 3GB. Users find it challenging to download and watch several films at once.

This website has an exclusive function. This website offers the file in an additional size. Its 300Mb size is significantly smaller than that of other websites. However, the problem is that the resolution likewise drops as the file size does. The 300MB movies that are available will not be too bad to watch on a mobile device. Thus, in contrast to other proxy sites, this is one of the unique features that you may offer to this website.

How Can I Download 9kmovies Movies?

Many individuals wish to download movies from various websites, but they may run into some problems either in the download process or when trying to watch the movie. Additionally, some websites display advertisements and force viewers to wait while the ad loads. You won’t run into this kind of problem when downloading movies from this website. This is among the greatest websites for uninterrupted movie downloads.

Start by opening the browser and typing in a search for 9kmovies.com. Next, click the website. You can download films from a number of categories that are visible at the bottom of the search bar when you view the homepage. Now, you can click on the category to which the movie belongs if you know it, or you can use the search box on the site to find what you’re looking for. You can find films in a variety of formats, sizes, and resolutions by typing the title of the film into the search field. If the print version of the film is available, you can download it for 300 MB in addition to these high definition resolutions.

After that, you click on the movie’s formats or resolutions that you want to download. Select/Press any of the available download choices. Additionally, the movie’s description and ratings are displayed next to the thumbnails of the film.

It is possible to determine whether a film is worth seeing or not by looking at its ratings. This website also offers the option to search for a movie by knowing the year of its release, which is another bonus. On the right side of the homepage, you will find the month and dates of that particular year.

Which Movies Have Been Leaked On 9kMovies?

The websites that are released without copyright are the torrent proxy sites. Among the films that have been leaked on this website are

Darbar Pattas Saaho
The person walking in the wind
Nerkonda paarvai
Singh Sher
Thambi Tumbbad
Asuran Saraieru Neekevvaru
Extremely luxurious
Kotha Poradu
Baaghi 3 the Hero
The path back
Kanchana 3 NGS
Jhalki Kaithi
Superhero Bigil Thadam Jhalki
What Are The 9K Movies Clone Sites That Are Available?
Since the proxy website is 9kmovies. There are a tonne of other websites that can be referred to as 9kMovies’ mirror or clone sites that are accessible online.

Below are a few of the clone sites:

900,000 films in Asia
2020’s 9K Movies

These are a few of the websites that are accessible, and the content on these websites is nearly identical to that on the 9kmovies website. When the government prohibits proxy sites, a new website identical to the prohibited site will be launched. As a result, efforts to shut down piracy websites are becoming more and more difficult, despite several attempts. However, it is illegal to watch films from websites that promote piracy.

What Other Options Does This Website Offer?

On the website 9kmovies, you may download a number of films and TV series. However, keep in mind that this is a proxy site, and we are unable to specify when it is accessible due to the possibility of it being blocked or taken down at any time. The list of mirror websites for this website is shown above. Users have the option to download other choices. These substitute locations might differ slightly from the 9kmovie location. The other websites that 9kMovies has are:


TamilGun 123Movies
Cinema counter
Skymovies HD

13377 x
Presently, pk
Utilising Skytorrents
Extramovies – Filmyzilla
Tamil-speaking Yogi
Madras Rockers

Which Other Legal Websites Are There?

Since watching films from proxy sites is prohibited. There are other websites where one may watch or download films legally. In order to release the films on their websites, the lawful sites will purchase the copyrights. Among the acceptable substitute websites are:

Prime Video on Amazon Zee5 Hotstar MX Player Prime Flix
Crunch Sony
Netflix on Sony LIV

For a small fee, you may view films on YouTube as well. However, not every movie that may be streamed on YouTube may be accessible to you. So, using the aforementioned legitimate websites is preferable.

Which Languages Does This Website Support?

The 9kmovie website offers films in a variety of languages. It’s simple to choose the movies in various languages that you want to download. Among the languages that are offered are:

Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, Kannada

What Other Options Does This Website Offer For Watching Movies?

It is forbidden to download or watch films from proxy sites. If you want to download films from these websites, there are other options. You can browse or download from these websites using a VPN. With these VPNs, your location will be altered. in order to avoid being discovered when using these websites.

On the internet, there are various VPNs that are available. However, occasionally, free VPNs could behave strangely. Paid VPNs are safe to use and will function as intended. Utilising free VPN services carries danger. Using legitimate websites is preferable to using VPNs that need payment.

Last Words

Proxy site usage is prohibited. It is preferable to stream films from legal websites in order to commit a crime. We do not support the unlawful proxy websites. We are only providing users with the information. It’s always advisable to use websites that are legal. Because using legal websites won’t break the bank, it is also safe for users.

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