Differences between wild, scatter and jackpot


Once you get into it, it won’t take you long to realize how fascinating the world of slots is. And the fact that they can now also be accessed online brings them even closer to game lovers. The mechanics of the game is simple and does not usually cause problems, since it is basically about betting and spinning the reels. However, it is often not entirely clear what differences exist between the most important symbols: the wild and the scatter. This can generate some confusion when playing, to which is added understanding what we are talking about when we talk about jackpot.

For these reasons, here we intend to clarify the meaning of these three central terms within online slots , especially since they are the ones that enable the biggest prizes and bonuses.

Wild Symbols

In practically all current slots you will find wild symbols. These act as wilds , meaning they can replace any other symbol on the reels (with the exception of scatter and bonus symbols). Wild symbols represent a great advantage as they increase the chances of winning on slots by forming more winning combinations. In slots, you must land at least 3 matching symbols in a row on a payline to win. Therefore, the wild card becomes an invaluable ally to complete your winning scheme.

Depending on which slot you are playing, wild symbols may appear on any of the reels or be limited to some of them (usually the second, third and fourth reels). In the same way, there are slots where wilds can appear at all times, and others where they only appear in the base game or in the bonus rounds. On the other hand, in some slots these symbols have no value by themselves, while in others they are the ones with the highest value. Be that as it may, if something does not change it is that the more wild symbols you get in a spin, the greater your winnings will be . There are different types of wild symbols, which we detail below:

Sticky Wild – This “sticky” version of the wild symbols causes them to stay in place for several spins. This is especially the case during the bonus rounds.
Stacked Wild – These are wild symbols that appear stacked (one on top of the other) and can cover much or all of the reel. They are one of the most valued by slot players, since they significantly increase the potential for winning.
Expanding Wild – These are wilds that expand across the entire reel covering all 3 rows. This multiplies the possibility of obtaining winning combinations.
Walking wild : these symbols, present in some slots, “walk” to the right or left of the screen, sliding at a rate of one reel per spin until they disappear.

Scatter symbols

The scatter symbols (sometimes called bonus ) are, along with the wild, one of the two special symbols that enable higher payouts in slots. First of all, it is important to note that they differ from any other symbol in two ways: they do not need to land on a payline to generate a win and they cannot be replaced by wild symbols. Unlike these, scatter symbols always have value in themselves, so they pay a prize when 3 or more are obtained on the reels. Of course, the more you get, the bigger the prize you receive.

Another of the distinctive and most valued characteristics of these symbols is that, in some slots, when you get a certain number of scatters, the bonus round or free spins are enabled . In other cases, they can act as multipliers within the winning combinations that you have been able to obtain. And there is a third option, in which the scatters start mini games or secondary games. These propose a totally different dynamic from the main game, they are independent of it, and add a more intense experience while opening the door to many more prizes.


The term jackpot is used to refer to the maximum prize awarded by a slot machine . It is not a symbol that you can find on the reels, but you must use them to win the maximum jackpot. Each slot has a specific jackpot, and you should pay attention to it before playing, as they can vary considerably in terms of amount. You should know that the jackpot can be fixed or progressive . Unlike the first, the progressive jackpot is variable and its amount increases as the bets of all those who play that slot increase. It will be easy for you to recognize it, because you will see a number that does not stop growing associated with each slot machine of your favorite online casino. The fixed jackpot never goes back to zero no matter how many people win it. On the contrary, the progressive jackpot is cumulative and resets every time there is a winner.

To win a jackpot, the maximum number of the highest value symbols on a payline must be collected in a single spin. Of course, the vast majority of slot machines only allow those who play for the jackpot to compete for the maximum bet (and, of course, with real money). In some cases, it is only put into play during the bonus rounds, which makes it even more difficult to access the jackpot. The size of the jackpot is related to the RTP (return to player). The lower the RTP of the slot , the higher the jackpot will be and it will come out less often.

We have described here the main features of the wild and scatter symbols and the jackpot. However, you should keep in mind that we have based ourselves on the generality of cases. Each slot machine can establish different characteristics and functionalities, so it is recommended that you do not hesitate to inform yourself about them before you start playing. Beyond this, there is something that is common to all of them: wild, scatter and jackpots are always elements that play in your favor and help you to be closer to more and bigger prizes in slot machines .


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