Fantasy Premier League: Step by Step Guide for beginners

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Fantasy sports have definitely acquired a fair share of traction worldwide in the past few years. Sports such as cricket, football, and many more are combined with technological advances with an increase in popularity. Many iGaming specialists believe that fantasy sports play a crucial role in connecting with real-life sports. Online Fantasy sports is a game where users can form their own team, by forming a virtual team of real players who are somewhere playing this game with the procedure and by following specific rules. Nowadays, the fantasy sports business is now at its peak due to the growing popularity of online fantasy sports games.

How to play Fantasy Premier League?

Fantasy Premier Leagues is a free online game that provides you with the facilities in which this game can be played by anyone, anytime. Its Registration process is quite fast, and there is no need to pay money in advance. All you need to do is confirm your e-mail and login information, and this is how you are accessing their websites. The players you have chosen are credited with certain points based on their performance and stability in a real game. 

  • Each player is given a chance to build a team of their choice and compete against millions of others. 
  • Your fantasy team gets the point if anyone of your players scores a goal in that match. However, if any player due to some reason gut suspended or injured then also that player will be unavailable from your fantasy team. 
  • There are lots of online fantasy websites that are available; almost every country has its own games with its regulations that are usually run by media houses and TV as well. 
  • It provides you the option to bet against your friends, and it makes watching matches much more exciting for sure. 

How to Pick a Fantasy Sports Team?

The one who wanted to play a fantasy game, then they are required to make the best team with specific strategies that can work well for them. Many development firms use the Fantasy Sports API for better user engagement.  You have to follow some patterns to pick a team of your choice with a budget. Our Fantasy sports software developer helps you providing with the ultimate solution.  Here are some points that need to be considered before selecting the perfect team. 

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  • Choose Wisely

The foremost role while choosing a player is to select your squad who have already achieved good form. Choosing newbies or freshers might be tempting at first but it might 

Turn the table positively and negatively. Do some research and closely monitor the player’s performance and then only choose wisely. 

  • Always Keep an Eye on Fixtures.

While choosing a player, it is essential to consider all kinds of aspects before starting the session. It’s not even possible that your star players performed best in each game. It is necessary to rotate players and make the most of it. 

It is often more appropriate to rotate your goalkeepers and other players, and those who rotate players their teams have a better chance of winning. They might mean that you’re banking on more points.

  • Play Safe

Considering the price tags for goalkeepers is significant when comparing them to some players and are often unjustified when considering the returning points for a clean sheet. It makes much more sense to pick a couple of mid-range keepers to rotate rather than to pay for a big name through the nose.

Fantasy Premier League Tips to Win

Fed-up on finishing mid-table and looking for an edge, here are some tips that can help you in premier league sign and win based on individual performance. It really works to gain more points by analyzing the psychology of the masses. 

  • Choose a goalkeeper from a small team that may face a lot of shots, which may help you to earn more bonus points when they clean sheet or choose strong players who do clean sheets more often.
  • Keep a midfielder as a clear backup option, and it is beneficial to look for a midfielder that has attained a large number of opportunities. 
  • If anyone is opting for a valuable player, then they need to manage them regularly to consider high-value options. 
  • You’ll get one free transfer every week, make sure you use it or otherwise roll it out for next week
  • You need to look for defenders who can take clean sheets, center-backs, or one who can take free-kicks or even penalties.
  • Look for attacker players who can score goals and can take penalties or enhance their chances of a win.

Fantasy Premier League Awards

Fantasy Premier League chips and wildcards can be used to enhance team performance during the season of the game although one chip can be played once a week.

These chips include-

  • All-Out Attack

It enables you to play in a 2-5-3 formation in the next game.

  • Bench Boost

The score points scored by your team players will be included in your next game total.

  • Triple Captain

Your captain’s score points are going to be tripled rather than doubled in the next game.

  • Wildcard

It enables you to make unlimited transfers without any deductions. 

Fantasy Sports Draft Strategy 2019

A Fantasy Sports Draft Strategy is often overcomplicated, much like everything else. To figure out all sorts of outcomes and theories is too tempting. Be confident in your strategy, instead, and give it time to deliver outcomes. Of course, you are required to keep monitoring results and make changes without changing your core strategy significantly. With proper strategies and tricks, one can maximize the probability of winning and can also help to do transactions securely. This guide teaches you every step and can also help you to reach the leaderboard and earn prize money with each possible time. You can also develop your own fantasy sports similar to App like dream11 with us.


After selecting and analyzing all the possibilities, you are required to put your managerial skills while choosing the best line up or building up your team. However, the final results will be based on the performance of selected players, and your team may win or lose points on the basis of final game results. This guide helps you to play and earn more points with amazing strategies.


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