How to get your slot bonus?

slot bonus

That question bothers numerous players all around the world. No matter whether you are new to gambling or a well-experienced player beneficial and encouraging bonuses are always a pleasure. In the first place, in this article we are going to figure out the following: what is an online slot bonus; what types of bonuses exist, and most importantly – how to receive them?

Bonuses and promotions are two magic words that attract and boost players not only to start but also to keep on with the game, which promises beneficial rewards. Online casinos like to encourage their users by awarding them with free virtual cash, which may be used to make bets, numerous free spins, or special challenges. Every online casino has its special set of offers, such as welcome bonuses to greet new players, deposit and non-deposit bonuses to appreciate their sophisticated users, and tournaments to wake up their competitiveness even more. 

These rewards can give an enormous breakthrough to your real bankroll absolutely for free, in case of success you get all the upside. The more you play the better you get and with some practice and certain useful bonuses, your game will skyrocket to another level. 

Online slots offer several types of bonuses to their real money players. Usually, these perks are integral parts of specific scenarios. For example – the first deposit/welcome bonus when the new gambler is starting the game or making their first investment. One of the most important things to remember when you play is to keep the track of the rules. Different casinos, various games, numerous regulations, which you have to be aware of. In order to be able to receive or to withdraw your winnings from a specific bonus, you have to meet the wagering requirements, which are always stated in terms and conditions. Verify them carefully and luck will always be on your side.  

No-deposit bonus

If you are unfamiliar with the online casino world and you do not want to risk any money, signing up for a no-deposit bonus sounds like a great idea. All you have to do is to register your account in a certain casino and claim for a “no deposit” bonus. You do not have to provide any personal or bank data. Starting this way will give you a chance to try several slots for free and to see how everything works. With this method, you can easily check the core mechanics of the game, understand if it suits you, and even win some money under certain conditions. 

Welcome Bonus

Entering an online casino for the first time enables you to claim a welcome bonus, which highly likely will match your first deposit. By way of explanation, you will double the amount of your first payment. In this manner, the casino greets new visitors and provides them with some extra money giving them better chances to win. 

Deposit Bonuses

These ones work on the same principle as welcome ones – they multiply by 2, 3, or even 4 times the amount of initial deposit, available for regular players. 

Leaderboard tournaments

This kind of bonus offers you to compete against other players. Leaderboard slot tournaments attract players with impressive cash prizes. A typical tournament may require you to accumulate the biggest benefit from several consecutive spins. The player who manages to receive the best profit takes over the leaderboard and receives the main reward; other top participants get smaller encouraging incentives.  

Game Specialties

Every time a new slot is released or whenever a special event is coming up current and potential players will surely be rewarded with several stimulating bonuses. If you want to grab this one, consider keeping an eye on the latest online gaming news and fresh slot releases. By doing so you will be able to appear among the first players to enter a new game, which in turn will guarantee you pleasant bonuses.

Device Specialties 

Modern online casinos are keeping up with the times so contemporary players are able to enjoy their favorite slots on several mobile devices. Game providers frequently offer exclusive perks, which may be claimed uniquely from specific gadgets or apps. Do some research and find out what the best options are available for your smartphone/tablet and get distinctive bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses

Everybody loves loyalty, right? This concept works perfectly at all levels. As every business owner knows it is important to greet your new customers but even more important is to appreciate your regular users. Long-time members are systematically rewarded through the casino’s loyalty programs after reaching specific milestones in a game. Accolade mainly depends on player’s activity, for instance, if they make their 1000th bet or 100000th spin or spend a lot of time on the app. 

Referral Bonuses 

Advertising is one of the most important elements of any business, and online casinos are not an exception. Undoubtedly, in order to get the message across and to make casinos visible to potential players, they have to invest a lot into promotion, but there is nothing better than free ads. When regular players advise certain services to their friends, the provider of those services receives new customers at no cost. So in order to encourage their users to spread the information about them some casinos started referral programs. The principle is very basic: you bring a friend who starts playing through your personalized link – you get a bonus. 

High Roller Rewards

This one is for real hardcore gamblers and is available exclusively for the ones who make impressive deposits, and with “impressive” we mean at least 500$. If you do so the casino will automatically qualify you as a VIP user which will guarantee you total access to all possible events and perks in the casino.  


Summarizing all said above the world of online gambling is enormous and varied. Every single casino is doing its best to attract, greet, encourage and reward its visitors. Endless bonuses, perks, tournaments, and challenges are waiting for dedicated players. Take your time, search for the best fitting game with the most appealing bonuses and watch how your playing experience is skyrocketing!


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