Recommended Reading: Bringing Down the House

Bringing Down the House

We all know that the attraction of the prizes that a casino can offer is very interesting for the adult public in general. However, not everyone has the courage and perseverance to take on the prized winnings that are at stake. If you are one of those who embark on the adventure of betting, playing and hailing luck so that each game turns out in your favor, we are convinced that you will love reading the book that we recommend in this article. Of course, without revealing anything about it, we will try to make a review on the subject it deals with so that you have some information before purchasing it. Are you ready? Go for it!

What is the casino-oriented book Bringing Down the House about?

This novel format book was published in 2002 and tells the story of a group of students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who successfully learn different techniques, with the help of one of their teachers, to count cards in blackjack , typical casino game.

The book is narrated from a writer who is a friend of one of the members and uses all his tricks as a professional to put the action that the general argument needs. Its reading will catch you from the first moment and it will be difficult to stop reading, because there will always be the last line of the page that will prompt you to read the next…

The general idea is based on the premise that it is always possible to beat the dealer at blackjack and even rob it if you have high experience and many hours of previous study. The protagonists are the clear example that if you want something in life, you must fight to get it, since luck is only on your face when it seems good to her.

For all these reasons, these casino lovers are prepared to face the game, since they know with certainty that they have learned different techniques misunderstood by any beginner, totally dizzying strategies for the public that only plays from time to time and infallible but risky methods, only suitable for experts.

Thanks to the dynamics learned and the combination of knowledge provided by the entire group of students, the book transports you to a clear example of how to earn, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars . How do they do that? Going on weekends to Las Vegas casinos. But what tactic is it that makes them have so much money in their hands?

They know what cards are left in the deck and quickly analyze if there are more high or low value cards. In this way, victory is almost assured. Seen this way it seems easy, right? Well, there is still much more. The group strategy is what makes the book one of the most acclaimed by lovers of casino games .

The ideas shown below should never be left aside because, who knows if they can also be useful to you in the future? Do not forget that they won more than 3 million dollars between casinos in Las Vegas, other North Americans and the Caribbean and only between 1992 and 1999.

Group strategy to win thousands of prizes playing blackjack

The “command” was divided into different positions and functions for each of them:

  • Some dedicated themselves to counting cards while playing small amounts of money . Thus, they were always aware of how many cards were left in the six-deck deck used for dealing. When the students of this first group calculated that there were more high value cards left than low, they sent the signal to the students who comprised the group of “real players”, that is, those who were in charge of betting high amounts of money.
  • This second group, that is, the players who did bet high values ​​of money , had the advantage of knowing that the odds were in their favor. This is how, for the most part, they began to withdraw large amounts of money from bookmakers.

Why did the group disband?

The argument advances towards a story where it tells how the casinos used all kinds of systems to defend themselves against this offensive group of students, who, by the way, always acted legally with only a card counting strategy. We will not reveal the end of the book, as is logical, but we do anticipate that the end narrates the result of the battle between the two, that is, the casinos and the “command”.

In short, if you want to read a book related to the success that can be achieved in a casino with the game of blackjack, twenty-one in Spanish, this is your book. Who knows if once you read it you will be encouraged to become a true expert like them, beyond what any average player can even imagine that they will be one day?


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