Thiruttuvcd (2020): Everything You Need to Know About Thiruttuvcd & It’s Alternatives


During this quarantine time, we all are stuck in our homes. We all should be in our homes to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus PAndemic, but that doesn’t mean we do not enjoy the time inside. There are many streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, but all of them are paid, and none provide good options when it comes to Tamil and Telugu movies.

This is where Thiruttuvcd comes in. It is an online torrent site that provides almost all Tamil and Telugu movies, which are old and new at the same time. Time to time, even Bollywood movies are released. During this quarantine, maybe you should take a look at your movie list and start binging.

What is Thiruttuvcd?

If you are interested in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, or even Bollywood movies, Thiruttuvcd is an excellent option. Nowadays, due to the economic crunch, it gets difficult for people to watch every film ever released on the big screen. There is also a factor of time. Even if the people have the financial ability to go and watch a movie, their schedule simply does not permit them to do so. Soon the film goes from the theatre, and the pile of movies to watch keeps on increasing. What do you do in such situations? Well, streaming services come to your rescue. Among many other sites, Thiruttuvcd is a streaming torrent site which lets you download any movie you want. The site specializes in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and select Bollywood movies.

Thiruttuvcd is one of the best-pirated movie websites. What does the statement’ pirated movie website’ mean? Well, it means that it is an illegal website that leaks unauthorized links of various movies that can be downloaded via this said link. Since it is illegal, it is quite evident that it is banned in India. Although there is a bypass, which is to use various domains that link to the original site. For example, Thiruttuvcdin, Thiruttuvcd. Pro,,,,,, Thiruttuvcd. Site.

This site is illegal because it allows you to download movies free of cost. Although that being said, the law side of it does not diminish the popularity of such websites by even a quarter. Sites like Thiruttuvcd are very famous and experience millions of user visits per day. People from all over India to the world, everyone visits and takes advantage of the extensive library of movies available on the site. For many people, this website is their go-to site when it comes to downloading movies.

 Website features

Thiruttuvcd has come a long way from just having Tamila and Telugu movies to now boasting a library of thousands of movies. This library contains movies from all over the world. Which started with only Tamil and Telugu, now boast movies from Bollywood and Hollywood as well. Along with that, there are movies from Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Marathi. Overall, Thiruttuvcd has become the nation’s best Torrent website. Since the site is so famous, it gets blocked almost all the time, which is quite natural, considering it is illegal. Still, the community always comes up with different domains that redirect back to the original website. Some of these domains are Thiruttuvcdin, Thiruttuvcd. Pro,,,,, Thiruttuvcd. World, Thiruttuvcd. Site.

The movies on the website Thiruttuvcd are categorized by genre, language, year of release, and quality. This helps a lot because there are thousands of movies on this website. Although you can search for movies by name, sometimes maybe you do not know what to watch, and these categories help a lot then. Having thousands of films is good, but what about quality? There are movies available in 480p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, DVDRip, BLU RAY, and so on. You name the quality, and you got it on this website.

There is also dual audio and multiple language audio available in every movie. What this means is that suppose you do not know Hindi, and you downloaded a Hindi movie. Since it has multiple audios, you can change the audio from Hindi to a dubbed version of a language that you are familiar with. This is a great advantage because India has many languages, and not everyone speaks all the languages. With this feature, everyone can watch all the movies from different regions without feeling a sense of a language barrier. Now there might be some cases where multiple audios are not available. In such cases, you can easily download a subtitle file that will play the subtitles while the movie is playing. You can easily download the subtitle based on the language you are familiar with. In this way, nobody will have a language excuse when they want to watch something.

The versatility of Thiruttuvcd is one of the main reasons why the website is so famous among the masses.

The Thiruttuvcd community is very proud of themselves as they released many movies this year almost at the same time as their hall release. Films such as Darbar (2020), Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020), Chhapak (2020), Jai Mummy Di (2020), Puli(2020), and so on were released at lightning speeds. This is why the visitors of this website love it so much. Rarely does the site disappoint its users? As soon as the movies are released in the theatres, it is available on the website.

Although it must be noted that, the faster the movie comes, the worse the video quality will be. If you are expecting to get a crisp 1080p quality movie with Dolby Atmos audio, you will have to wait for 2-3 months. The movie prints which release on the very week of the movie release are of HDRIP or DVDRIP or CAMRIP quality. This means that the movie which you can download was recorded in an actual hall using a camera. So it is quite understood that the video quality will not be that good. At the same time, there might be audio disturbances in the form of voices of other viewers present in the hall while the video was being recorded.


Thiruttuvcd boasts of having movies from several genres and categories. This is one of the most important reasons why people visit this site so much. Let us take a look at the genres available on this website:

  1. Horror
  2. Psychological
  3. Romance
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Sitcom
  6. Sport
  7. TV Show
  8. Thriller
  9. War
  10. Western
  11. Xmas
  12. Mystery
  13. Musical
  14. Action
  15. Adventure
  16. Animation
  17. Biography
  18. Comedy
  19. Costume
  20. Crime
  21. Kungfu
  22. Drama
  23. Family
  24. Fantasy
  25. History
  26. Mythological

As you can see by the sheer amount of genres and categories available, you can take a guess as to why the site is so famous and especially among the millennials. Now imagine if there are so many categories of how many movies are present. It is mind-boggling!

Also, for each movie from every category, various types of quality are available 480p, 720p, and even 1080p. Not everyone has the luxury of an unlimited internet connection. The majority of people have a data limit of 1 or 2 Gb per day, and hence they cannot afford to blow that off of downloading a single movie. If they do that, they are left with no data and a whole day to go. As a result, small-sized movies are also available on Thiruttuvcd. It must be noted that there can be an 800mb 1080p movie and a 3gb 1080p movie. Yes, obviously, there is some difference in picture quality and audio, but the smaller size helps the people with data limits to download and watch.

Since it is a torrent website, every file needs seeds and leechers. Basically, someone or the other needs to support the file by providing its internet so that others can download the file. The lower the seeds, the slower the download speed. On the other hand, the higher the seeds, the greater the download speed. In the case of Thiruttuvcd, every file has thousands of seeders and leechers, and hence, as a result, the movies download at the highest speed, which is possible for your system.

Time and time again, Thiruttuvcd is proving why it is so famous among the masses and why it gets so frequent visitors.

Now, as mentioned many times in this article, Thiruttuvcd is an illegal torrent website. You visit the site and download files that are provided by unauthorized links. The Government of India keeps on banning the site, but new domains keep on coming up. This is pure because of how famous the site is and how many people depend on the website for their daily dose of movies. The Thiruttuvcd community works hard to provide you with these domains, which not only works but gets you the film at high download speeds.

Although it might happen and it happens a lot that none of the domains seem to work. That could be because of many multiple reasons. Either it could be that all the domains are blocked or that the website’s server is down for some reason. In such a situation, what can you do? Well, there are a lot of legal alternatives which can provide you with all the movies you require. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Netflix: The giants of the streaming community, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services which you can use to view or download movies. On Netflix, you will also find many Netflix original movies and tv shows which are not available anywhere else. A Netflix subscription starts at INR 200. Visit their site to know more.
  1. Hostar: Another excellent option is Hotstar. Hotstar is tailored for the Indian Audience with shows available in almost all languages. Recently Hostar signed a deal with Disney to bring all Disney shows and movies to the platform. Now the viewing content of Hotstar has doubled, and this is an exciting time to own a Hotstar subscription. We recommend the yearly subscription worth INR 1500.
  1. Amazon Prime: ANother very cheap and suitable option is Amazon prime. The prime membership of Amazon costs INR 1000 for a year, which covers Amazon prime video where you can watch many shows and movies, Amazon music, and prime delivery.
  2. Discovery+: It is a somewhat new streaming service with fascinating content. It comes with a cost of INR 299 for a year.
  1. Hoichoi: Hoichoi is another up and coming streaming platform. There is a lot of local content available to watch and choose from. There is an INR 999 per year subscription available.
  1. Alt Balaji: Another streaming service which is made in India, Alt Balaji, brings many exciting tv shows and movies which are produced by them. A lot of millennial actors are working for Alt Balaji, and together with the production crew are bringing about inspiring new content. The yearly subscription costs around INR 300.
  1. Jio Cinema: Jio Cinema is a streaming service by India’s favorite telecom company Jio. If you have a Jio connection, you are welcomed with a host of features and gifts like JioCInema, JioTV, etc. JioCinema has almost all the movies ever released in India in all languages. This is an excellent legal option to consider.

Best Illegal Alternatives

Now, if you are hell-bent that you need the latest and best content and you do not want to pay for it, we have options for you. There are a lot of similar sites like Thiruttuvcd, which can provide you with what you need in every way that Thiruttuvcd was providing you. Let us now take a quick look at a few more illegal options for watching movies:

  1. Rarbg: Rarbg is a very popular torrent website. This website gets updated daily as new content from all over the world is added. The best thing about this website is the seeders. Many seeders seed every file all the time. Hence at no point in time will you suffer a reduction in speed while downloading files from this website. Rarbg is very well known for being one of the first websites to upload the daily released contents. If you are looking to watch an episode of a TV show which just released in America or the UK, the first website you should check for the episode is Rarbg. Rarbg is also known to have a huge variety of contents, from games, software, music to Tv shows and Movies. All these make Rarbg an excellent alternative to Thiruttuvcd. Not only does it have all the latest contents, but it also hosts a huge number of old movies and tv shows. Basically, whatever you need, you will find it here. Not to mention, you get all the files in different qualities and sizes. There is 480p, 720p, 1080p and even 4K Quality available.
  1. Yify: Yify is the home of movies. There are a lot of Yify domains like YTS, which takes you directly to the website. On this website, you will not find anything but movies. Old, new, Hindi, English, this website is like a humongous digital movie library. The most interesting feature of Yify is that it provides HD quality movies in the smallest size possible. On this website, you will only find 720p and 1080p movies. Yes, they are of very high quality but at the smallest size possible. This is very well suited for people with limited data. They do not have to compromise on quality as they will get the movies at very high quality and yet very small in size. There are also websites for subtitles dedicated specifically for Yify movies. Hence Language barrier will never be an issue.
  1. ThePirateBay: The Pirate Bay is considered to be a legend of the Torrent community along with KickAss torrent. Pirate bay was started a long time ago when torrent just started becoming a household thing. Since then, millions of files and folders have been added to this site. People from all over the world access this torrent site for anything and everything. Everything you can possibly imagine is available on this site. Like Rarbg, every type of video, which is a movie or tv show, is available in various qualities. From 480p to up to 4K. Nowadays, accessing this website has become a bit problematic because of the cult status of PirateBay. Since this website is very famous and accessed by almost everyone all around the world, every IT cell of every government is trying its best to ban it. As a result, almost every new domain gets blocked. There is no need to worry, though, because the PirateBay community is very focussed on their goal, which is to provide free content to everybody. Hence they keep on creating new and new domains that can be used by the users. Although it must be noted that there are a lot of fake PirateBay websites on the internet full of viruses and other malicious software. So you have to be aware. Always look for verified tags of the user who uploaded the file.
  1. KickAss Torrents: Another LEgend of the torrent community, KickAss, was so famous and unstoppable at one point that the website was completely eradicated from the internet. Although that did not stop them from making a come back only a few days later with a different name and domain. Currently, finding a working website is a bit difficult, and if found, you will be welcomed with a site with billion Gbs of data, if not more. There is absolutely nothing you cannot find on this website. For example, there are tabs of categories on this website, and some of the categories are music, videos, movies, tv shows, Softwares, games, and so on. Imagine every such category has subcategories, and every subcategory has thousands or even millions of files. The sheer amount of data on this website is nothing short of astounding. Since many of these torrent websites are global, Indian contents are very few, but that is not the case with KickAss. You will find thousands of Indian Movies, videos, music, and tv shows all available in variable qualities and sizes!
  1. 1337x: It is a very new and modern website. The User Interface of the website is very revamped and modernized, which makes it very attractive to look and use. Coming to the data which this website contains since it is a new website, its library is not as big as some other sites, but if you are looking for new content, look no further. 1337x has come up with a new way of categorizing its contents. All the categorizing styles like genre, quality, etc. are still present. Still, at the same time, new categories like oscar nominations, new episodes are being brought up to refine your search experience. If it may happen that you do not exactly know what you want, these subcategories can help a great deal.
  1. Torlock: Torlock is another relatively new torrent website. Torlock, like other torrent websites, has different categories and thousands of contents for every category. It has different quality options and all the other features which other torrent sites provide. Apart from all these, Torlock comes with a special few additions. It is an excellent site made for anime and ebooks. It has one of the largest collections of anime and ebooks. You will also find almost all the latest songs and other music files on this site. It has another nifty feature that shows the top 100 torrents for any given category. It helps you choose and see what the majority of the world is interested in.
  2. EZTV: EZTV is a torrent site that specializes in Tv shows. The site uploads the latest tv shows from all over the world almost about a few hours from its release. The site also provides various quality options to choose from. The site also provides descaled quality videos. What it means is that it records HD quality videos and then descales it to 480p to reduce its size and quality. These files are still effectively better than normal 480p files. This site also contains old tv shows from all around the world.


Watching and downloading movies from pirated torrent websites like Thiruttuvcd is completely illegal. We strongly advise our readers to avoid such sites and pay money to watch the film in theatres.

Creating movies is an art and a trade. People who are involved in making any film put their hard work and effort into making their movie. We should respect that by paying the appropriate money and watching the movie in theatres or on paid streaming services. For some people, the money made from such movies is their bread and butter, and we must respect and encourage their work.

It must be noted that using websites like Thiruttuvcd and other torrent websites is very risky. Since these websites are illegal, they are not monitored by the IT cells of various countries. As a result, there are many trackers and viruses on such websites. A tracker is a software that can track where you are browsing from and hence get all your personal data. Viruses as everyone very well knows can slow down and even disable your pc or mobile. Therefore it is always advised to visit such sites with an Anti-Virus and a VPN installed. They will not only provide you with the necessary protection but at the same time keep you anonymous and safe from hackers.

It is essential that the Anti-Virus and VPN you use must be a paid version. People will always try to prefer free editions, but the protection the free versions provide is nowhere close to what the paid versions give. Paid versions are much more powerful.


Thiruttuvcd is a viral website and rightly so. Almost all movies around the world are available here for free. There are a few risks to downloading movies from Thiruttuvcd, of course, but the benefit of free movies and options of different qualities just seem to outweigh the negatives. Accessing a torrent site is difficult, and you must be very careful while visiting one. Do not click on unnecessary ads and install a VPN if required. Stay safe, and enjoy your binging!


Now that we know a lot about Thiruttuvcd and various other common sites, there still must be questions on your mind, which we are here to answer. Let us now look at a list of commonly asked questions:

How to open Thiruttuvcd? 

This is a challenging question to answer. We have provided you with many different domain names, which can be used to open the website in case the direct link is not working. If the domain links are also not working, then it can be complicated to access the site.
On the other hand, if everything is working correctly, all you have to do is type in the web address and press Enter, and you are good to go.

How to download Movies on Thiruttuvcd?

SInce Thiruttuvcd is a torrent website, you will need a torrent client to download movies from this site. Some famous torrent Clients are Utorrent, Bittorrent, etc. All you need to do is download and install this software on your pc or mobiles.

How to download Movies on Thiruttuvcd?

Then you need to visit Thiruttuvcd and choose the more you want to download. Then all you have to do is, click on download, and the torrent client app will automatically open and download your file.

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