Welcome bonuses: what are they and how are they used to bet online?

Welcome bonuses

Considered one of the most striking and popular strategies offered by online bookmakers, this benefit meets attracting, inviting and encouraging users who enter for the first time to bet on a web portal or a mobile application.

But what are they and what do they offer? Each bonus contains gift money that you will receive just for creating an account as a new user on the platform or for depositing money after completing your registration process. In the latter case, the value of the bonus is generally the same amount of money that you deposit, which means that if you enter $10,000, you will have a total value of $20,000 pesos to bet.

It is important that you identify the different bonus percentages offered by sports betting sites in Colombia, since they vary between 50%, 100% and 150% in most cases. Each one can be played and redeemed in compliance with the terms and conditions applied to the bonus, such as the redemption method and the time limits for using them, among others.

If you are thinking of benefiting from and making use of these gift bonuses, it is essential that you know what types there are, in addition to the welcome bonus without deposit and the one that is granted with the first payment. Here we tell you:

Bonus welcome pack:With this modality you can get an attractive bonus when you make the first 3 or 4 deposits. This case is a redemption modality because what you are looking for is that you bet the same number of times that you deposited money into your account.

Bonus for free bets : with this option you will receive a bonus for a certain amount of money that you can use until you finish spending it completely. To use it, you will need to verify the specific sporting events in which you can redeem it.

cash-back: Although it is not exactly a bonus, it is a type of insurance against money losses offered by the platforms. In this way you will be able to recover a percentage -in the form of a promotional bonus- of the amount you have bet and lost if you meet the following conditions: the value of the bet, the range of time spent playing and the number of tournaments in which you have participated. participated.

Rollover – This is one of the most important conditions that betting sites set as it is about the number of times you have to wager money to claim any bonus winnings. It is recommended to identify this term before wagering so that you know how it applies to you when choosing the bonus you want to take.

The biggest benefit of bonuses is that you can use them to place multiple bets and have the option to acquire much more free money to play in the sport of your choice, be it soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. What are you waiting to play?

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