What are slot types?

slot types

There are various types of slot machines in online casinos.

Along with the advancement of technology, online casino games continue to evolve, and there is diversity in game design, features/functions, and sound effects, and players will not get bored.

Payout Percentage and Payout Schedule

The payout rate is the return rate.

This varies by slot.

Also, even for slots with the same payout rate, the payout of winnings will differ depending on the type of winning symbol combination.

For example, a 3-reel classic slot has fewer paylines than a 5-reel video slot, so you’ll need to increase the number of units if you want to win big.

Also, slots with jackpots tend to have smaller payouts than slots without jackpots.

The difference between casino slots and pachislot

Pachislot is premised on the selection and setting of the machine, but casino slots do not have the concept of reach or pushing.

Casino slots are based on payout percentages that vary by machine or game type, allowing you to compare payout percentages and choose which games to play.

Although casino slots and pachislot are similar in appearance, it is appropriate to understand them as conceptually different forms of entertainment.

As for the wagering amount, you can bet online at casino slots starting from 15-20 yen, which is lower than pachislot.

Difference between classic slots and video slots


The big difference between classic slots and video slots is the number of reels they use.

Classic slots are played with 3 reels, video slots with 5 reels or more.


Classic slots have far fewer paylines than video slots, while video slots play with a large number of paylines, some with up to 1024 lines.

special features

By and large, the majority of classic slots have no special features.

These symbols are usually used in video slots, although there are also classic slots with wilds and multipliers.

Scatter symbols, symbols with free spins and bonus rounds are rarely seen outside of video slots.

Generally, these special feature symbols are used more in video slots than in classic slots.

bonus round

Bonus rounds are usually limited to video slots.


Classic slots with jackpots are usually rather rare, and when they do, players must always land a specific symbol on a specific payline before the jackpot is challenged.

Video slot jackpots, on the other hand, can sometimes be won randomly.

themes and images

Most classic slots do not have a specific theme and use classic slot symbols (BAR, Bell, 7, Fruit) as their image.

On the contrary, there are many video slots featuring specific themes and images.

Progressive Jackpot

There are two types of online jackpot slots: progressive and non-progressive.

Non-progressives are fixed-amount jackpots that remain the same during online play and reset when you win.

Progressives are similar to offline casinos where the winnings keep increasing with each play unless you win. Progressive jackpots may also be linked to other slot games, where jackpot prizes can grow to substantial sums in a short period of time.

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