How to play pachinko


For beginners, pachinko and pachislot (slots) may be a high threshold.

There are pachislot parlors here and there in town, but it is not easy for first-timers to enter.

So let’s take a quick look at what pachinko is and how to play it.

1. The first thing to do when you enter the store is to select a table.

If there are smartphones, cigarettes, keys, etc. around the amusement table, choose a table with nothing because someone is already playing on that table and has just left the table.

For beginners, if you ask the staff, they will explain carefully and will help you choose a table.

2. Once you have decided on a table, put money into the ball lending machine on the left side of the pachinko table and borrow pachinko balls.

Usually you can borrow about 300 balls for 1000 yen . (Depending on the store, 250 balls, 1000 balls, etc.)

3. You can borrow a ball by pressing the button on the top plate of the table.

Now that you’re all set, all you have to do is play pachinko.

4. First, turn the handle on the bottom right to the right, and the ball will pop out from the left side of the screen on the table.

Let’s adjust the force with which the ball pops out.

If it goes well, the ball will enter the start chucker (hole) under the liquid crystal.

The pattern will rotate when the ball enters.

5. Let’s aim at the attacker (hole) when the jackpot comes out.

If a ball enters, a lot of balls will come out.

6. After having fun like this, when you go home, take your own pachinko balls and go to the counter. (Or call the store clerk.)

You can exchange it for a prize according to the number of balls.

You know, it was easier than I thought.

Well, I’m ready mentally. Let’s enter a pachinko parlor.

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