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Slot machines generate great fascination among those who frequent casinos, both physical and virtual. But the number of slot titles available is so great that it can be difficult to choose which one to play. It is recommended that you know in detail the characteristics of each slot, all of them being different in their operation. You can do it by clicking on the info icon that you will find next to them. To help you in your choice, we leave you a list with the 10 main keys to choose the best slot machine within your online casino.

1.Game type

Slots have evolved a lot since their origins. The increase in the number of players and the advancement of technology has encouraged the industry to introduce constant changes in its designs and functionalities. Currently, we can divide online slots into two large groups.

Bar slots

Although it is almost impossible to find analog machines like those in the early days these days, many casinos offer bar slots. These are the most classic and, already in digital version, they are the ones that best preserve the original spirit of the game. They also try to imitate its appearance, so they are structured on 3 reels and usually include basic and simple graphics, with a retro aesthetic. This type of slot machine is very popular because its operation is very simple. Although the prizes they offer are less than those of video slots, they also allow you to place lower bets, which makes them ideal for those who do not want to risk too much.

Video slots

These slot machines offer much more complex and complete gaming experiences. There seems to be practically no limits for slot developers when it comes to video slots. They can include different numbers of reels, although most contain 5, and different animations and effects that provide a unique sensory experience. Video slots have many more pay lines and include special features that increase your chances of winning. In addition, some include jackpots or progressive jackpots.

There are many advantages that make video slots proliferate within the catalogs of online casinos and become the favorites of players. When a title achieves success and consolidates in popularity, it is very likely that a saga will develop from it. This is basically a family of slots that all have the same theme, characters, and general aesthetics.

2.software providers

There are numerous studies within the iGaming industry that are dedicated to designing and developing the slot machines that we see in the catalogs of online casinos. That a slot is associated with a prestigious provider is a guarantee of quality and fun. Notable developers include NetEnt , Microgaming , Big Time Gaming , MGA Games and Playtech .

Each of them strives to release more and more innovative and more attractive games for demanding gamers. Each studio has a different style and is usually distinguished by specializing in certain themes or special features. It is convenient that you know the most outstanding ones and take into account the personality and style of the slot machines that they usually develop to make a choice that is as close as possible to your tastes and expectations.


There are no limits in relation to the themes on which the slots can revolve. However, some are more popular among players and, therefore, are the most chosen by online casinos when setting up their catalogs. These are: Fruits, Cinema and series, Mythology, Heroes and villains, Sports and Nature. You will know which theme is the one that best suits your tastes, and if you prefer to stick to one of them or combine several by alternating between different slots. There is nothing that makes one theme better than another, it is just a matter of taste and, often, of fashion.

4.Structure of your rollers

Most of the bar slots are usually made up of 3 reels (or drums), although there are some that can incorporate a few more. You should lean towards these if you are one of those who prefer to play for a long time with small bets. Of course, do not expect the prizes to be very high. The case of video slots is quite different. Although the generality includes 5 reels and 3 rows, there are some variants in this regard.

In addition, some have special features that extend their number of reels during bonus rounds. You must bear in mind that in the slots that have a greater number of reels, your chances of forming winning combinations are higher. However, this type of slot machine demands that you make larger bets in order to take full advantage of its potential.

5.payment lines

This is a factor that says a lot about the chances of winning that we will have in a slot machine. These are the pay lines, ways-to-win and cluster pays , which will reward you if you manage to get a certain number of matching symbols to land on certain shapes. The number of symbols will depend on the conditions imposed by each provider but, in general, it is usually three. In addition to enabling prizes, the pay lines serve as the basis for activating the different bonuses that each slot offers.

Each slot offers a different number of pay lines, which can usually vary between 1 and 243. Video slots include many more pay lines than bar slots. Consider this factor when choosing your game. Remember that the more pay lines, the more chances to win. Although it is also worth mentioning that, the fewer pay lines, the higher the prizes tend to be.


The volatility in a slot machine, also called variance or dispersion, refers to the amount of prizes that it awards and the frequency with which it does so. In this way, we can find slots with high, medium or low volatility. It is good that you know this indicator, as it will allow you to choose a game that fits what you hope to achieve. If you prefer to have the possibility of accessing high prizes, you will know that you should lean towards slots with high volatility. If, on the other hand, you prefer the prizes to be more frequent, although giving up some value, your favorites should be the low volatility slots.

7.Betting level

Each slot enables different betting margins. To configure yours, you should choose the value of the coin that you will bet on each spin, the bet level (how many coins you will play per line) and the number of pay lines that you will put in play (in case they are not fixed) . Usually the bet range is from €0.10 to €200 per spin. The more a slot machine allows you to configure your bet, the better, since you will be able to manage your budget according to the ups and downs of the game and your luck. Knowing how to regulate the level of bets allows you to keep playing for longer and, therefore, increase the chances of winning in a slot machine .

8.Return to player

This is one of the indicators that you should pay the most attention to when selecting a slot machine. It will not be difficult for you to find it since, by regulation, all Spanish online casinos are obliged to report this information. It is a percentage that tells you what the chances are of recovering the money you invest in the game. So, for example, if you play a slot with an RTP (return to player) of 96.8%, the statistics indicate that you will get back €96.8 for every €100 you invest. Of course, this is an average, a theoretical and probabilistic data, which is why there will be games that will show profits below and others above this number.

Therefore, the higher the RTP of a slot, the more attractive it will be for players. What are the desirable RTP percentages in a slot? Above 95% the odds are generally considered to be acceptable. The category average is around 96%, so if it exceeds 96.5%, the RTP is considered very good.


This concept is closely related to the previous one since, the lower the RTP, the higher the jackpots available in a slot machine . In addition to all the winning options that they offer, some stand out for including a jackpot. What is it about? Of a jackpot or jackpot, which considerably increases the volume and attractiveness of the prizes that you can get in a slot . You must bear in mind that in order to be eligible for a jackpot it may be necessary to make the maximum bet. The highest jackpot is achieved when you manage to collect the 5 highest value symbols in a single spin.

Jackpots can be fixed or progressive. In the case of fixed jackpots, the amount is previously stipulated by the game developer, and there are no variations on it. It remains constant despite any player accessing it. While in progressive jackpots, the amount is fed by the bets, and that means that the most popular games can reach really high numbers. The more players bet, the bigger the pot will grow. Once someone wins it, the prize goes back to zero and feeds off the same dynamic again.


You have probably seen this term associated with some slot titles and are not quite sure what it refers to. These are slots that offer a greater number of reels to which, in addition, a greater number of symbols are associated. For this reason, the feature that distinguishes them is the staggering number of pay lines that they include. In some cases, they can be around 500,000 lines. Can you imagine how your chances of winning increase?

The first provider to develop these slots was Big Time Gaming , who launched Bonanza Megaways in 2016 . Since then, the popularity of this type of slots has grown so much that other developers have started working on them and more and more online casinos include Megaways Slots in their catalogues. It is that they very quickly become a player favorite as they offer many more pay lines, free spins and features than regular slots.


Now you know what the 10 keys are to choose the slot machine that best suits your expectations. Some of them are more subjective and strictly related to your personal taste, while others correspond to more objective indicators. Maybe you can start by trying its free version to better understand everything we are talking about and make a good choice that will ensure fun and more chances of winning.

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