Moviescounter (2020): Top 20+ Similar Websites Like Movies Counter

In India, piracy is being a great business of uploading new released movies or series within an hour. Many illegal streaming websites are growing popularity in days. The reason behind this is providing illegal streaming free of cost. Most of the people do want to watch movies and series without spending a penny, so they just search for an unlawful download of that movie or series. There are lots and lots of websites that stream movies, web series, and documentary legally and illegally. Movies counter is one of these piracy websites which uploads the latest web series and movies in high quality and serves viewer to stream and download in free of cost.

This site has gained popularity in a short period. No matter hum much time it gets blocked by Government for its piracy, they do come with another URL. Illegal streaming is highly offensive in India; you must not go for downloading or watching movies on pirated websites. Illegal streaming destroys the moment and feeling of watching movies. Here you will know about the movie’s counter, and it’s featured in a broadway. Let’s take a look at it.

What Is Movies Counter?

Movies counter is a piracy website which is run by some anonymous group of people and location. This site is a proper hub of free streaming and downloading for Hollywood movies. In this website, you can all movies and web series in very high quality and also in the dubbed version. This website is also renowned for uploading newly released movies of Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Telugu movies. All recently released movies are usually get streamed within a week of release. No matter how popular the piracy websites are, but it is illegal and strictly prohibited by the Law and orders of Government. You, as a user, must not prefer to stream or download from any kind of pirated websites.

Features Of Movies Counter

Movies counter has gained popularity in a short period for its user-friendly features. Before going to the in-depth details of these websites, let’s just have a glance at features of this popular illegal pirated website. Here are some highlights of movies counter:-

  • Movies counter provide every kind of movies, web series of each and every type based on various interests of every generation. Except for form movies and web series, this site also streams documentaries, TV shows.
  • This site provides video quality of various types like 480p, 720p, HDR, DVDrip, DVDScr, and much more. This website provides the latest movies and shows in good video quality. This website allows you to download the movies in the wish of your format.
  • Movies counter comes up with different languages.
  • The leaked movies are adequately categorized, which will be very helpful for the viewers to search for their movies.
  • Along with every movie or series or TV shows, an abbreviated paragraph is given. The brief paragraph will provide you with a short glance of information about the shows, movies, etc.

Categories Of Movies Counter

Movies counter has made different categories for helping you out to sort your movies as per your choice. This site has made it very easy to search out all the movies you want to see. Go to the category of the movie which you want to see, and you will find out your movie or TV show easily. Here are some listed categories of movie counter which you will encounter while searching out the movies.

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Love
  • Fantasy
  • Game
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Vampire
  • War
  • Sci-Fi

These are the categories that have been made by the site’s owner for helping you to find your movie.

Movies counter might be popular pirated sites among the user, but piracy is illegal in India. Due to the Government’s ban, it has to change its URL frequently. Because when one URL is banned then they have to create or activate another one. Due to frequent changes of URLs the audience gets disturbed and irritated and opts to search for its alternatives. There are many legal alternatives where you can view movies and shoe regularly without any kind of interruption. Here are the lists of some legal alternatives.

1. Bolly4u

If in any case you are not able to access movies counter, then you can always use this site as an alternative site. Bolly4u is a similar site to the sites of illegal downloads or movie streaming. This website acts as a search engine from where you can get several links for downloading or streaming you favourite movies. You just need to follow basic steps of searching the movie which you want to see and after that the site will give you links according to your search. No movies, series or documentaries are uploaded in this site nor it carries in database. It will only help you to get links to visit various sites. By visiting those websites through links you can easily download or stream your movie which you desired to watch. This websites do offer you dubbed web series, movies and etc.


This site acts as one of the best alternative and known for its max similarity with Movies counter. If you are a movie lover and loves to watch every kind of movie-like action, thriller, game, sports, horror, romance, love, etc., then this site can be the best one to check out. This site will give you enormous movies of various languages. There are no such long steps to find your desired movie not you have to search more deeply. You can simple get into the category section and surf according to you wish. This website is just a copy of Movies counter. You can even download and stream your favourite movies. You can avail of all the movies, web series free of cost, in high quality, and the website doesn’t ask for any kind of registration. A brief paragraph is attached to every movie from which you can have an idea of movies or scenes so that you don’t have to bother yourself by searching it in Google for getting an idea.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of most popular sites from streaming and downloading movie. It has gained popularity by streaming live sports such as football and cricket for free of cost. These streaming websites provide the available contents of all start channels such as star Jalsha, star gold, star plus, etc., for TV shows. Some other movies and web series are streamed and can be downloaded in high quality and the video quality can be adjusted by the viewers as per their choice. This site hosts Hollywood movies and a hub of Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil movies. However for availing this service you will have to go through 2-tier subscription. Those who have availed the VIP subscription can watch all the domestic contents for free, and those who have availed the premium subscription can stream and download all the domestic and international contents for free of cost. However this can be one of the best legal alternatives for Movies Counter.

4. Yupp TV

This site is listed as one of the best alternative for Movies Counter. This websites will be the best choice for those who love to stream and download the web series. The listed contents are available in the best quality in no cost. Yupp TV neither asks their viewer to register themselves nor they ask for your personal details such as details of credit cards and debit cards. This site is very much legal and the users are can watch and can do anything without any sort of restrictions or technical issues. This websites is renowned for its user-friendly and allows everyone to enter the website and search according to their own wish. This site also allows the viewers to stream or download the movies for enjoying the movies later.

5. Sun XT

This is another best alternative website for Movies counter. It is assured that you can definitely get all your favourite movies and web series in this website. You can stream and download each and every content listed in this site in a high quality and all are free of cost. You can even download all movies and web series in any kind of electronic appliances such as PCs, laptops and mobile. You download all the movies in just same way. The biggest advantage of downloading the movies from Sun XT is that you can even watch your movies on the disc ray and DVD player without even changing the format of the video. Along with all the awesome features you can assure that this site is one of the best legal websites from streaming and downloading and bring billions of traffic every year. You find movies for any kind of age group easily.

6. SabWap

SabWap is an online searching website which acts as an search engine just like other. After seeing this, you must have gained a question in your mind that what helps do so. However, you can search for any kind of movie which you want to stream or download, and this site is a search engine for movies and videos. Whenever you search for your movies, this site displays all the links of other websites where the content is available. You can choose the appropriate websites as per you choice and visit there to stream and download all the movies which you desire to watch. This is one of the best legal search engines for movies and videos and it can assure you to get the links of every legal websites where you can enjoy every bit of your moment without any issue. You can avail all the service provided by SabWap in free of cost. This is a popular and highly used website for searching movies.

7. Moviepublish

This website has very much similarity of above discussed website. Moviepublish website also provides movies, web series and documentaries of various categories. You can also avail Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Marathi movies as well. The best part of this site is that if you fail to get your desired movie in this site, you can even request to this website to list your movie. If you request is accepted then you will be getting an instant notification. This is the reason for which this site is gaining popularity among the viewers. This website will assure you videos with high quality and in free of cost. The websites has an excellent user interface and attracts more viewers to visit their website. This website is very easy to use and make simple for your usage.

8. India4movie

This is another legal website for streaming movies and web series. This website only offers you to watch every regional and Bollywood movies or web series, as the named itself says. This website is not suitable for those who love to watch Hollywood movies and international series. This website offers every regional series or movies such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and also much more languages. This website offers high-quality videos just like other websites, and you can avail this service is free of cost. You can get all the movies very soon after it get released in all theatres. You can always stream and download you desired movies as per choice. This movie do uploads all types of movies to maintain the interest in all generations.

9. Amazon Prime

This website is one of the most popular and mostly used websites by the viewers. This is a hub of movies and TV shows and web series. This website has gained its popularity by streaming the latest movies and web series. You will just have to register and pay monthly and yearly subscription for availing this service. Streaming and downloading movies and web series are available in high quality unlike others. The video quality can be adjusted by the viewers as per their choice. This site hosts Hollywood movies and a hub of Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil movies. This website is a hub of the latest web series and movies.

10. Zee5 

Zee5 is another renowned website that is very popular amongst Indian viewers for its TV shows and Bollywood movies. It mainly casts the Zee channels and offers every series, shows, and movies on the website free of cost. For availing this service, you will need to have to go through an affordable subscription, which is very low. You can even download all movies and web series in any kind of electronic appliances such as PCs, laptops, and mobile. You download all the movies in just the same way. This website can be the best alternative one to Movies counter.

Best Illegal Alternatives

Movies counter is a pirated website which uploads all movies and web series in high quality for free of cost. There are lots and lots of websites which also serves the same purpose as this website. But you must know that these are illegal alternatives to the movie counter. Check out all the illegal options which upload the latest movies and series without any proper license:-

1. Moviesda

Moviesda is one of the best websites for online streaming. This online website is a hub of Tamil movies, and it features all sorts of Tamil movies. This website offers excellent video quality with decent sound quality in free of cost. This website not only hosts Tamil movies but also hosts the Malayalam, English, Hindi, and many more languages. This is a free online website where you can avail of all the services for free. Apart from movie downloading, it also offers you numerous options of MP3 songs of Bollywood. All the movies are uploaded in this websites within a short period after it gets released in theatres. Moviesda has been banned by the Indian Government, but these websites keep changing its URL for illegal streaming of movies. This is one of the best illegal alternatives to Movies counter.

2. Tamilgun

Tamilgun is a great hub of the latest movies of Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, and Bollywood. It also offers you Hollywood dubbed movies. You can avail all the movies and web series in high video quality and sound at a free of cost. Like other websites, it is also a pirated website, but it has great traffic and also offers movies and web series throughout the world. It has gained its popularity by uploading the latest South Indian movies on the website for free. After getting huge traffic, it started uploading the latest Hollywood dubs, Punjabi, and Bollywood movies on the website. This website didn’t limit it’s piracy up to movies; it also started uploading the newly released web series and documentaries. Before going to check out the site, you must know that this is an illegal website and piracy is a criminal offence.

3. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is another notorious website which uploads the new released movies and web series illegally. It also provide movies in a very high quality videos, but there is something special which makes it famous than other. It allows the viewers to download the HDR quality movie within a size of 300mb. There are lots and lots of websites which are availing this service but this one is an expertise. This is one of the prominent hub for discovering latest Hollywood dubs and Bollywood movies and downloading in a high quality. It also hosts Tamil, Malayalam Punjabi and other languages movies. This website do uploads movies a day after its release and even sometimes it releases day before in its website. This can be the one of the best illegal alternatives of Movies counter. Government does take steps to ban these kinds of websites, but it comes again and again with a new URL.

4. Moviezwap

Moviezwap is a renowned pirated site which has brought forward duplicate Indian movie content without any legal permission. Moviezwap is an illegal site that has Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada featured movies. The site has an advantage of web ground streaming to the users. Moviezwap also offers you an excellent private proficiency. The site has several adapters of movies for their likelihood to get the latest Telugu and Hollywood motion pictures. Thus Moviezwap is known to be the best illegal site for streaming Telugu movies. People residing overseas use Moviezwap site to watch moves n HD quality Hindi and Telugu dubbed motion movies. The site is mobile and user-friendly. If people don’t have their personal computers and laptops, then they can even download all the latest movies on the phone as well. Government of India has banned Moviezwap last year for illegal streaming of movies. Despite, of being banned the website continues to work till date by bringing up new domain names every single time.

5. Tamilrockers

Are you searching for a movie hub websites of all types? Tamil rockers are one of the best alternative website for Movies counter. It uploads latest movies of Hollywood dubbed, Bollywood, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil with high video quality and original sound. You can even get web series, regional serials and TV shows with high video quality in this website. Even it has been banned by the Government of India, the website continues to run very smoothly. The reason behind this is changing of domains and URL frequently. This website generally uploads the latest movies and web series within the short time period of its release. But before opting to choose this website, you must know that illegal streaming is highly punishable offence. You must not promote its popularity by downloading movies from this website.

6. Movierulz

Watching movies have became a great way of entertainment for many people. Movierulz is one of the most notorious websites which uploads all movies of Bollywood, Kollywood, Hollywood and Mollywood and especially Tamil movies are being streamed and offers downloading in a high video quality without any proper licensing. But before making up your mind to visit this website you must know that piracy is a criminal offence and you can also get into trouble. The movies and web series are available at free of cost. After getting banned, the owners of this website still manage to run the website very smoothly by changing the domains very frequently and continue the illegal streaming. This is one of the prominent hubs for discovering latest Hollywood dubs and Bollywood movies and downloading in a high quality.

7. 9xmovies

9xMovies is an online platform to stream free download films in just 300 MB. The site also features Tamil movies that you can download free and watch for long hours. 9xMovies doesn’t require any creation of an account, log in, or sign up. Any individual who desires to watch a movie on the site can simply visit and search for their preferred movie and thereby download and stream movies free of charges. The site also offers download of reality shows and various TV serials in distinct regional languages. The site continues to change its domain name as it is a pirated website and does so to avoid getting caught by the Indian Government. 9xMovies is the hub of several shows and movies of distinct genres like Malayalam, English, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, etc. The picture quality is very high, as all the movies are released in HD print.

8. Todaypk

Nowadays, everyone loves to watch movies in their home with a comfortable feeling. Todaypk is one of the best websites to find the latest movies and web series. You can get all Hollywood dubbed movies, Bollywood movies, and Tamil movies here. You can enjoy your movie night sitting on a couch by downloading a movie from this site. But you need to remember that the Government of India has banned illegal streaming. This website does upload movies a day after its release, and even sometimes, it releases a day before on its website. This can be one of the best illegal alternatives to Movies counter. The Government takes steps to ban this kind of website, but it comes again and again with a new URL. If you use this website, then you might have to face some serious trouble. Not even it hampers the film industry, but also it can hamper you a lot.


Piracy is illegal and criminal offences. Movies Counter is an illegal website that uploads pirated movies and web series. We do not support any sort of piracy, nor we promote it. This article is to inform you about the illegal site, also, aware of you for not getting involved in this, as viewers do not promote this website by watching. This article aims to warn the readers about the illegal business by the pirated sites. These websites are harming our film industry, and everyone should abide by the rules made by our Government. Instead of choosing illegal websites, you must go legal alternatives, mostly providing services at a free of cost.

The Bottom Line

Movies Counter is one of the illegal sites which upload the latest movies and series. Mostly the viewers want to watch movies and series free of cost. If you are one of them, they can choose the legal alternative sites instead of this site. This article is meant to educate you about this illegal site and the best legal and illegal alternatives. Watching a movie through an illegal site not only hamper the film industry in the form of monetary loss but also destroys your moment of watching the movies in theatre having a bucket of popcorn. Enjoy your movie through legal sites or in theatre.


Does Movies Counter Have A Mobile Application? 

Officially the movie counter does not have any kind of mobile application. It is an online website where you search for your desired movies and can download or stream in high video quality and original sound.

Is It Safe To Download From Movies Counter? 

No, it’s not because it is an illegal website where the movies and web series are streamed and gets downloaded without any proper license. The Government of India has also warned the viewers not to use these types of applications for streaming or downloading. You must watch your desired movies in the theatre to experience it. Do not share any sort of pirated links through your social media.

Why Do People Take So Much Interest In Downloading Movies From Movies Counter? 

People take so much interest in downloading the movies, especially Bollywood movies because it offers every movie and web series in high video quality. The main reason behind this is they offer every service free of cost.

What Are The Steps To Unblock Movies Counter?

For unblocking this website on the computer, you need to install Nord VPN in your PCs and Hideme VPN on your phones.

What Are The Ways To Stop Ads? 

Along with the excellent video quality of movies, it also contains lots and lots of advertisements on their website. You will need to install ‘Adblock Plus’ in your browser to avoid unnecessary ads.

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