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With more than a million daily visitors, has certainly established itself as one of the most well-known streaming websites worldwide. Its enormous success, nevertheless, has now come to an abrupt end after the owners of the website were charged with making money off of copyright violations. Consequently, the owners of the website were arrested and the website was shut down by Uruguayan authorities, Interpol, and the US film industry.

It’s likely that you’ll be looking for another way to stream your preferred TV series and films. In light of this, the following list of the top 10 alternatives to Pelispedia for 2024 is provided.


With Megadede, you may stream a wide variety of entertainment, including TV series, films, and documentaries, through its website or an Android APK. Megadede offers consumers a lot of reasons to enjoy this service, including its user-friendly interface and abundance of great features (such the option to store movies and TV series for later).

After finding a TV series or film, you may choose to download or stream the media. Even the language, source, and quality of the content you view are all customizable. Thus, it’s evident that this is a good option if you need to satisfy your media craving.

  • Restrictions: content viewing requires an account
  • Content: diverse, similar to that of Pelispedia
  • High risk
  • Type: application/website


This website could be your dream come true if you’re searching for a place to watch the best and most recent TV shows together with some timeless classics. With new episodes being published on a regular basis, it seems to have a respectable selection of links.

Just be aware that, while there are still English versions with subtitles, the great majority of the information seems to be in Spanish only. Although you will have to put up with adverts on the website, they won’t stop your TV show once the video starts.

  • Restrictions: Exclusively in Spanish
  • Content: only TV series
  • High risk
  • Sort of website: streaming

3., which can be accessed through a desktop website or an Android application, has a respectable collection of Spanish-language films and TV series. is a respectable substitute for Pelispedia, allowing for free downloads or streaming in high definition.

Ads will inevitably appear on websites that offer free access to copyrighted content, just like they do on many other streaming services. Because of this, you ought to use a VPN whenever you use this specific website.

  • Restrictions: Exclusively in Spanish
  • stuff: animation, TV series, films, and kid-friendly stuff
  • High risk
  • Type: website and streaming app

4. The Cliver television network is a desktop platform that offers an intuitive user interface for accessing a vast array of TV shows and websites, which may be viewed in categories or by searching for.

While there are Latino connections available, this website also focuses on Spanish content. If you would prefer to watch in English, you can if you don’t mind having subtitles.

It’s likely that you will see advertising while on the website; some of these might trigger your antivirus software. Presuming you possess one, which is unquestionably the case. Use caution when using this website to prevent clicking on harmful links.

  • Restrictions: English subtitles, Spanish and Latino
  • Content: television series and films
  • High Risk
  • Kind of website: streaming

5. is a streaming service that offers links to a large selection of TV shows with English subtitles, however its material is primarily in Spanish. If you’re looking for movies, you’ll have to look elsewhere as there aren’t any on this platform.

There is HD quality content available, but you must disable your ad blocker to fully utilize the website. The website won’t function otherwise. This website’s content is generally easily accessible and well-organized.

  • Restrictions: exclusive to TV series
  • Similar to in content
  • High risk
  • Sort: webpage for streaming


With the help of the Android app Dixmax, you may easily access a multitude of information. With a vast selection of TV series and films accessible on the site, finding the content you’re looking for is easy thanks to a well-designed user interface.

This is a terrific alternative to Pelispedia since it offers a vast choice of high-quality links, even though it lacks a website where you can stream content. This is especially useful for people who are constantly on the go but still want to get their media fix.

  • Restriction: This program is exclusive to Android
  • stuff: films, TV series, and kid-friendly stuff
  • High risk
  • Sort of application: streaming


Cuevana is a streaming service that was launched about ten years ago and has hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. Cuevana is a website that provides high-quality movies and TV episodes in several languages, including English. Using the search tool or just exploring the website, you may easily find what you’re looking for.

But keep in mind that Cuevana has already been the target of criminal prosecutions for copyright violations. Therefore, make sure you are utilizing a top-notch VPN service, such as NordVPN, which has strong encryption techniques and doesn’t retain any logs.

  • Restrictions: no mobile app is offered.
  • TV series and movies
  • High risk
  • Website type: streaming;


With a large collection of films and TV series, an intuitive user interface, and the option to stream and download Spanish and Latino content (with English subtitles if needed), is undoubtedly one of the greatest Pelispedia substitutes available right now.

Another great addition is a section devoted to Netflix. This implies that you can watch or download every one of the excellent Netflix original series that is available. Installing and using its Android application on your device(s) is a simple process.

  • Restrictions: None
  • Content: television series and films
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android
  • High risk
  • Type: Android app, streaming website

Peliculator could be your dream platform if you’re looking for a place to watch both classic and up-to-date films. After all, similar to Pelispedia’s movie area, this service offers links to a huge collection.

Although this specific website provides connections to a large number of excellent videos in up to 1080p HD, it can be safely said that its design isn’t as good as that of other Pelispedia substitutes that we have discussed in this post. It’s not an all-in-one answer for your media needs either because it doesn’t offer links to TV shows.

  • Restrictions: usage requires registration
  • Content: exclusively movies
  • High risk
  • Kind of website: streaming

10., which offers links to a large collection of Spanish and Latino content, is a good substitute for Pelispedia. Its website lets you watch anything in up to 1080p quality, and you can quickly find the movie or TV show you want by searching the library or browsing the selection.

One thing you have to deal with is advertisements. However, it’s difficult to stay away from them on these kinds of websites. Overall, it’s evident that the vast content repository you have access to is comparable to Pelispedia, which is currently closed.

  • Latino: exclusive to Spanish and Latino content
  • Content: films and TV series
  • High Risk
  • Sort: webpage for streaming

Other alternatives:

Utilizing a VPN is always advised when streaming copyrighted media.

Nowadays, there is a growing number of people who are in legal issue with the law for downloading and streaming content that is protected by copyright. It goes without saying that getting caught might result in unpleasant situations, such as receiving a warning letter from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), paying a fine, or perhaps doing some time in jail.

Fortunately, this isn’t necessary because utilizing a VPN will make sure that your online activity is hidden from prying eyes, including the government and your ISP. You can use features like location spoofing and military-grade encryption with a reliable VPN.

But keep in mind that before purchasing a VPN, you’ll need to do some research. In matters of privacy and security, it is imperative to eliminate any room for error. Check out our list of the top VPNs for 2024 to get some inspiration.

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