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About Kick Ass Torrents 

The Kick-Ass Torrents website is widely known among internet experts to keen on gadgets. Kick Ass Torrents is considered one of the most used pirated websites, which has gained much importance among its users. This website has yet to be old mich, it is newly developed only a few years ago but gains popularity so fastly.

Kick Ass Torrents site is pirated site famous for providing users with recently released movies, games, videos, music, and various alternatives for entertainment. Even though many alternative sites have been developed with excellent features that it provides to users, the active users of Kick Ass Torrents haven’t decreased. It keeps on gaining popularity.

Features of Kick Ass Torrents 

Today there are numerous websites that all possess unique features of their own. Among these popular sites, Kick Ass Torrents is one of the tops, which contains many special features that make Kick Ass Torrents much more impressive than any other website. 

  1. It is a popular website available on the internet.
  2. Some of the unique features are mentioned below:
  3. It possesses the feature by which caption can be customized most easily. Every list of top movies gets updated when the recent movies are released.

4.    All the movies and web series are available for free.

5.  The website contains the feature of an autoplay button in it. After clicking on this button, you would be directed to the next episode of the continuation of the current playing websites.

Video Categories on Kick Ass Torrents 

For the popularity of any website, its features of containing multiple categories make it unique. These categories also help in the easy search for the users. On the Kick Ass Torrents website, you would see many types available to users, which makes it quite impressive.

  • Movies Genres

There are multiple movie genres available on Kick Ass Torrents  like

  1. Drama
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Documentaries
  4. Fiction
  5. Sports
  • Games Genre

In the case of games, it also contains diverse categories of games genre on its site like

  1. Action
  2. Casino
  3. Race
  4. Mission
  • Songs Genres

Music gives us much to relax in our tedious work and when we feel mood off. Kick Ass Torrents  provide large categories of music like

  1. Albums
  2. Folk
  3. Classical
  4. Movie Songs
  5. Moods Music
  6. Spiritual songs

Resolutions supported by Kick Ass Torrents. 

Kick Ass Torrents website is well known for offering free downloadable video services with dual audio quality. This unique feature is highly searched by users looking to download free movies from torrent sites. The various language categories of movies like Hindi, Tamil, English, Malayalam, Marathi, and Punjabi are available on Kick-Ass Torrents site with a wide range of movie quality such as 144p,240p,360p,720p, etc. The HD movies are also easily downloadable by using this site. The popular formats in which videos are available are MOV, VLC, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, etc.

Movies Leaked by Kick Ass Torrents 

The website Kick Ass Torrents have leaked various popular movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, and many more such categories, which all are given below.

  • Thappad
  • Street Dancer
  • Petta
  • Bala
  • Hopefully 4
  • Charpak
  • Sand Ki Ankh
  • Tanhaji
  • Good news
  • NGK
  • KGF
  • The Zoya Factor
  • Shimla Mirchi
  • The Sky is Pink

Importance of Kick Ass Torrents Proxy site

Multiple features of the Kick Ass Torrents  proxy site make it widely popular among users:

  • The movies, shows, and songs are fastly downloadable free of cost.
  • The slow internet won’t interrupt the downloading process if downloading.

 Starts in Kick-Ass Torrents. 

  • If the file you want to download is significant, you can download it in steps, stop mid afterward, and start from that progress without starting from the back.
  • The search console in Kick-Ass Torrents is much more efficient.
  • You won’t be asked to do any registration on the Kick-Ass Torrents website; it is in use without giving your personal information.

How to unblock the Kick Ass torrent website?

It is highly recommended to have a proper VPN connection while opening the Kick-Ass Torrents site to have no risk of privacy leaks. Using a solid VPN makes you access every proxy site available over the internet. VPN would hide your IP address, thus making you completely safe from risk.

FAQs-Kick Ass Torrent 

1.What are Kickass Torrents?

The database of Kickass Torrents is widely famous for leaking pirated content multimedia on the website. A new update in Kickass Torrents is made for downloading Hollywood films and other popular pirated content online.

2.Is it illegal to operate Kickass Torrents?

Movie piracy leak is considered a crime in many countries such as India, the USA, etc. The government banned using sites like Kickass Torrents as they thought it an illegal and unsafe act.

3.Do you download movies from Kickass Torrents safe?

These illegal websites are unsafe to use, as they risk leakage of personal information to hackers, posing different levels of piracy risk.

4.What does Torrent Downloader mean?

A torrent download means downloading the multimedia via a torrent client. The primary difference between direct download and via a torrent client is that torrents are peer-to-peer apart from regular downloads.

5.Which are the best Kickass Torrents alternatives?

There are multiple widely used alternative sites to KAT. The Pirate Bay is one of the most torrent sites used in alternative to Kickass torrents. The site contains a vast library in which the speed of accessing the content is decent.


It was last year when the official site of Kickass torrents was blocked. Even though it never lets its user end. Various websites still work perfectly as the website Kickass Torrents works. Moreover, many users use these alternative platforms to access content for free.

If you accessed the content with a strong VPN connection, it would hide your identity. But it is recommended to watch the content from legal sites only rather than going for these illegal torrent sites. Moreover, if you are still using these sites, remember to have an active VPN connection.


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