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About Pirated Bay

Pirated Bay is one of the popular pirated invite-only sites, which means you won’t be able to sign in to it like other websites. Here you would need of invite link to be part of its membership. After clicking only on the invite link, you can sign in to the Pirate Bay website. There is also another way to register in Pirated Bay, which is to get a membership to the tpb site. The Pirate Bay is a widely used Torrent site that has private trackers that would be accessible and are the fastest responding website.

On the website of Pirated Bay, the speed at which download takes place in the Pirated Bay is about ten times faster than on other sites. The Pirate Bay is the best site for providing every updated movie, game, TV show, etc. The website of tpb is available all across the world. It has been accessible by everyone in the most straightforward way for many years. It is best in terms of accessibility factors. On this website, you would get the feature of a search filter from which you can search for any movie you want to download.

How can we use Pirate Bay?

Here we have provided some of the essential tips with the help of which you can access the pirate bay in one of the easiest ways.

  1. Go for browsing the top 100 list. After visiting, you would fetch the best movies, TV shows, games, applications, etc. It is always that you would get what you would search for, but it’s confirmed you will get everything whatever maybe you will get.
  2. You were using a VPN service on websites such as Pirate Bay is highly recommended. Thus, nobody can access your details as well as your exact location. Thus you would get all kinds of protection from pirated eyes.
  3. Never go downloading torrents regularly; it is not safe at all. Therefore avoid the regular download of these files.
  4. Try to avoid registering with your real name. Keep all your details anonymous with these websites.
  5. Always comment about your experience with the download in the comment section. This would help other users to refer to which is best, where it is safe or not when they download the file.

Pirate Bay Proxy/Mirror Sites List

When tpb gets blocked in some countries, there is an available multiple proxies sites that users can access easily. The proxy sites appear identical. But the demerit is that many accessing these sites face problems with login.

To log in to the Pirate Bay site, you must have an invite link. But the time which takes before the home page appears is much dull. When we use proxy sites like tpb, it would be a significant cause that unblocks the main website.

All across the world, it is widely in use for unblocking their loved sites. For the case of unlocking, you need to have a fully working proxy site. There are various links which you can access the following links:

  • pw
  • biz
  • xyz
  • xyz
  • ml
  • ga
  • ml
  • tk

Which of the countries has blocked the accessibility of the Pirate Bay?

There are multiple copyright acts followed in different countries. Here are some of these countries as Germany, Ireland, Iran, Malaysia, Norway, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sweden, UAE, United Kingdom.

They have blocked access to the Pirate Bay site.

But if you also belong to these countries, you can use VPN or change the DNS server that would resultantly allow you to download your favorite torrents. On the website, all the uploaded content comes from the users; thus, the website creator is not responsible for committing any crime as a pirated site.

How can we access and unblock the Pirated Bay website?

  • Firstly, visit the designated website of VPN.
  • Secondly, go for clicking the red colored button, which would help to get access to the VPN.
  • Choose the plan which is suitable for you.
  • Finally, book the plan once you have purchased it.
  • Select your country as a location in your application.
  • Now visit the pirated bay website with your browser.
  • Thus pirate bay would be unblocked, and users would get access to many gains.

How To Unblock Pirated Bay Using VPN

It is a high risk if you unblock websites because the chance that privacy may leak is high for these websites. Thus, it would help if you had a proper VPN connection. Which would keep your privacy safe, and your download would be secure.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in directing the traffic on websites by the use of virtual IP addresses. It is straightforward for the latest modern firewalls to identify proxies. The merit of a VPN is it hides the IP addresses. It would hide your identity. Thus, you can easily take the help of a VPN or proxies to unblock the website you want.

Many of the popular VPN connections you can refer to:

  1. Torguard VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surf shark VPN
  4. OpenVPN
  5. TunnelBear
  6. VPNBook
  7. CyberGhost VPN
  8. Hotspot Sheild Free VPN

Pirated Bay Alternatives

  • Bit Me

Bit Me tracker is one of the e-learning trackers.It includes e-learning training,videos,ebooks,audiobooks,e-novel,various documentaries like BBC,design plugin etc.

  • Pass the Popcorn

It mainly includes genre movies. It is a well-known alternative to Pirated Bay. You can access excellent quality movies, classic films, multiple international releases, etc.

  • Bibliotik

According to statistics, the active users of Bibliotik websites are around 7000, primarily special operatives. And if we talk about the total number of torrents on this website is 300000. It is a private Torrent site, especially for ebooks. It consists of different genres in it.

FAQ-The Pirate Bay

  • How safe is the Pirate Bay site?

The site does not offer any torrent files or advertisements; the tpb does not infringe on any kind of laws. It is straightforward to share files with the help of its peer-to-peer technology. Along with this, you can also access the website without any fear if the particular website is being blocked in your country. Moreover, it is also allowed to access the prohibited content since this website also allows accessing proxy content available on the website.

  • Do the websites like Pirate Bay contains malicious code?

There is no guarantee that the file you download does not contain malicious code. It may or may not contain a dangerous malicious virus. The critical reason is that tpb also offers magnet links to every file you download. But the torrent client does not give you any option to check the file’s quality. Thus, there is the risk of containing malicious code in your file. Thus, activating a good-featured antivirus in your system is recommended before accessing torrent data from these proxy websites.

  • Does VPN need to access Pirate Bay?

The Pirate Bay contains many pirated magnetic links for downloading thousands of files hosted on their website. If you visited the site, it would contain lots of torrent files; thus, it becomes challenging to identify which torrent is illegal and which torrent is not. There is a significant possibility of getting copyrighted content on the pirate bay website. Thus, if you accessed the files while your VPN was on, you would be on the safer side.

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