Filmy4Wap is a top movie and series downloader site for you all. The movies and series you will get here are all due to piracy, which is illegal as well. But still, the website comes among the best ones for you all. Here on the website, you all will get all top and recently release movies and series. Apart from that that all, here the site offers you movies in different languages as well.

When you visit the site, you will find Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Punjabi are readily available here. The reason why it is not safe to download the movies from here is due to copyright issues. The page is illegal, and it may get ban from officials for piracy of movies and series.

Features of Filmy4Wap

The top piracy website for you all, which you all can go for downloading of movies, is to go for the Filmy4Wap. It is the top one, and you all can get all the latest movies as well as TV series. The reason for which the users prefer the site is due to its features. To make you understand it all, you can get the following features from the website.

  • The website design is such that it is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The website frequently gets a refresh with all new movies and TV series.
    • Each movie and series is under their respective category. So, a user will not find it difficult to go directly to film by merely clicking on the type.
    • The site offers all language movies and TV series for the users. You can get the film in your language quickly.
    • The download link for the movies is easy to find without any fake link inside it.
    • It can become easily accessible on mobile, and you can open the site on your smartphone.
    • The site gets fixes for bugs and other things from time to time.
    • It comes with fast servers for downloading.

    These are the top features that you all can get it when you are going for the Filmy4Wap.

    Categories available for users

    When you are going for a movie download, then the first thing you all consider is a category. Every user has got a different taste and prefers different category and genre movies. To make it easy to search for users, the website offers users with different categories. Here is the list of it for you all.

    1. Hindi movies
    2. English movies
    3. Telugu Movies
    4. Hindi Dubbed Telugu movies
    5. Telugu Dubbed Hindi Movies
    6. Hindi Dubbed English movies
    7. Horror
    8. Action
    9. Drama
    10. Romance

    These are the top categories that you all can get from here. You can click on any category and can browse through several movies and series under the category for you all.

  • Top 10 alternative sites for you

    Fimy4Wap is full of piracy, and it comes with the risk of getting a ban. As it is piracy, which is illegal in India, so, there is a risk of getting a ban due to these. All the movies here available for you to download are illegal and have copyright issues as well. So, due to all that reason, it is always a huge risk for you all to go for the site for download.

    But if you are downloading the movies and streaming here, but it gets a ban, you can go for the alternative site. Here in the site, you can get the top alternative site for you all.

    1. GoMovies
    2. Moviesda
    3. WorldFree4u
    4. 123movies
    5. MoviesPur
    6. Movie Counter
    7. YTS
    8. 9xmovies
    9. FilmyZilla
    10. Bolly4u

    So, here are the top 10 alternative sites for you all. You all can go and get things the same as that of the Filmy4wap site. The alternate site offers the same content as that of another website, and you can easily download it from there. In all alternative sites, you will get the chance to easily download and stream different movies and TV series.


    The article is not about promoting any illegal website, but it is for information only. It is punishable for everyone visiting such a site and doing piracy of movies and series in India.


    Is It Safe To Download The Movies From Filmy4Wap?

    No, it is not safe for you to download the movies from here. The site is illegal and full of piracy content in it. It is continuously under observation from cybercrime officials and can get a ban at any moment. So, it is not good to visit here to download the movies and series from such sites.

    Why Is The Site Popular Among Users?

    If you take a look at the Filmy4Wap website, then you all can see that such a site comes with many features. Apart from that all, the site offers many other things which are different genres, categories as well as languages. For all that reason, it is best to go for the website to get all the latest movies.

    How Is The Quality Of The Video And Sound?

    When you all are going and watching movies, all expect quality video and sound from it. For all that reason, Filmy4Wap ensures that you all get the best video quality. The qualities of all movies are of the HD format, and the sound is crystal clear as well. So, it is a good idea to get the movies from here.

    Is There Any Alternative Site For The Filmy4Wap?

    Yes, as it is well-known for piracy, so it is always at risk of getting a ban. So, if that happens, you can all go to an alternative site for download and streaming. You all can get several alternative sites for it, and they are 123movies, Tamilrockers, and many more. These alternative sites are also illegal.

    Is It Punishable If You Get Caught With Piracy?

    Yes, as per Indian Law, if a person is doing piracy, the person may face jail or be fined as per the crime. It is a severe issue in India, and you all must avoid it anyway as well.

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